LVNV Funding LLC: What to do if you find them on your credit report

LVNV Funding LLC is a collection agency that works for creditors to collect on charged-off debt accounts. However, most of the time LVNV appears to forward their accounts to various other collection agencies and attorneys for collection instead of managing the accounts themselves. If you want to know what to do if you find LVNV listing on your credit report or how they treat consumers, check out the topics given below:

What to do when LVNV Funding shows up on your credit report

Here's what you need to do when LVNV account shows up on your credit report or when a collection agency (CA) insists that you pay a debt they acquired from LVNV.

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  • Check if the Statute of Limitations (SOL) has expired: If the SOL has expired, then you don't have to worry about them taking you to court. If yes, then send an SOL Expiration letter to the CA asking them to stop contacting you.
  • Request a validation of the account: If you find that the SOL hasn't expired, and you're not sure whether you owe money to LVNV Funding LLC, send a request to validate the debt. Once you have proof that you owe the balance on the account, negotiate a payment agreement or a settlement agreement.
  • Dispute the debt: You need to dispute the account if:
    • You do not have an account with LVNV: If you didn't open the account LVNV Funding LLC wants you to pay on, you should co-ordinate with the credit bureaus and have the listing deleted from your report.
    • You've already paid the bill: In this case, dispute the item with the collection agency and the CA will verify it with your original creditor. You should also co-ordinate with the credit bureau so that the account shows up as "Paid" on your credit report. However, you'll have to provide proof that you have paid the bill.
    • The account shows up on your credit report even after 7 years and 180 days: Usually accounts with negative remarks shouldn't reflect on your credit report after 7 years and 180 days from the date of the first delinquency. If your account shows up even after this time period has expired, you should contact the credit bureaus and have the listing removed. You can also sue the collection agency in small claims court for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How LVNV Funding treats consumers and reports credit information

Check out these LVNV Funding complaints made by community members and guests in the DebtCC forum.

  • Filing lawsuit for wrong debt: One consumer reports that LVNV Funding LLC has filed a lawsuit against his old mother for a bill which she didn't owe. The lady had no idea as to which company has transferred credit information on her name to LVNV. Learn more...
  • No response to validation letters: Debtors complain that they receive repeated phone calls from the attorneys associated with the CA but when they send validation letters, the CA or the attorneys do not respond. One consumer sent a validation letter to one of the attorneys and after 2 months, he received a letter of response from a different attorney. However, the amount mentioned in the letter of response was similar to the amount demanded by the attorney to whom the validation letter was sent. Check out these further details...
  • Account re-entry on credit report after 7 years: LVNV Funding LLC may purchase a default account from a creditor and then report it on your credit report as a new charge with a new date. This may happen even though the negative listing has stayed on the credit report for 7 years and is about to be erased from the report. Learn more...
  • Reporting debts which are not owed: Many believe LVNV Funding LLC harasses people for money and reports outstanding balances to the credit bureaus even though consumers may not owe the money. Find out more...

    One consumer is said to have received a summons even though the CA promised to look into the matter when they were sent the validation letter. However, the papers were not stamped or signed by a court clerk. A few days later, the consumer learned that his wages would be garnished. But he couldn't just verify whether he actually owed any money. Learn the details...
  • Issue with disputed account: A consumer received a call from LVNV Funding LLC for the money he owed on an MCI account. The CA couldn't give him the account number, phone number, and other account details. The consumer had received a bill earlier from MCI, but he had refused to pay it and had disputed the amount.

    However, LVNV made sure that the account showed up on his credit report even though it had been more than 7 years. The consumer asked the CA to co-ordinate with the credit bureau so that his credit report showed "Account disputed". But LVNV didn't agree and insisted that they would only clear his credit up if he would settle the bill. Find out more...

How to contact LVNV Funding LLC

If you need to contact LVNV Funding collection agency regarding payment issues or to dispute the account held by them, use the contact information given below:

P.O.Box 3038
Evansville, IN 47730

Telephone: (886) 861-8182, (866) 464-1183
Fax: (812) 428-3523

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I noticed on my credit report that there is a company called LVNV Funding LLC for $3195. The address and phone number are PO Box 10584, Greenville SC 29603-0584 and the LVNV Funding LLC phone number listed is 866-464-1183.

When I enter the lvnv funding phone number, (866) 464-1183 on the BBB website, it comes up with a Houston, TX address.

Has anyone dealt with this company? Have you heard of lvnv funding complaints?



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Wed, 12/26/2012 - 22:35



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Wed, 12/12/2012 - 12:43

you cant get a credit card until your 18!!!?????


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Sub: #5 i take its a scam
Thu, 08/02/2012 - 13:59

in 09 i sold my home and all my credit was paid off. after moving i checked again and there was nothing. this so called credit thay say happened in 09, sorry but your trying to scam the wrong guy. im going to the fedral trade comish. whit this. in 09 all my debt was wiped clean. i was sell a house not borrowing money. i paid cash for this house. someone has some explaining to do and beleive me im not about to be kicked around by some faceless corp. who hides behind web sites, stealing from poeple who cant afford to support so fat cat.


Sub: #6 I acutally have recently dealt with this company. They will off
Thu, 06/28/2012 - 12:54

I acutally have recently dealt with this company. They will offer you a settlement amount and not send any paperwork with the offer in writing after many attempts.
After you agree to an amount they will send you letters stating that you owe even more than you agreed to and if you don't catch it they will continue to take more and more out of your account until they reach the full debt.
When you try to contact a supervisor to dispute they bounce you throughout the call center until they can justify a 'lost' call.
I would never try to work anything out with this company again, they are going to try any way to get whatever they can out of you.


Sub: #7 LVNV Funding
Thu, 05/31/2012 - 20:38

Almost forgot... they had filed a lawsuit against me before my 30 days was up as well. They want you to ignore their notices so that they can get the ruling against you and dock your paychecks. Or for you to be so scared that you make payment arrangements with them without first verifying their "facts".


Sub: #8 i got a summons and complaint from them i have reported on my cr
Tue, 01/11/2011 - 06:27

i got a summons and complaint from them i have reported on my credit report the org company that i know from credit report and lvnv and lvnv has different amts every year on my credit report also states it will stay on my credit report for 7 yrs also lvnv has sent to another agency northland than northland send to a jcc christians out of MN i think there crooked and dont follow fair debt practicies from mn goes to attorney in mi that has filed but i am answering i was going threw a divorce at the time of opening i dont remember alot on matters as found out for years was emotionally mentally abused than he took on debt in divorce decree and hasnt lived up to his end of bargin now there suing me so if need be i will bring decree and state than you sue him to as he is the one that is to pay debt but they have not the org creditor they have ge captial and org creditor was gemb jc penny credit card i openend in 04 last pay sept 05 and from info i am not sure if was ge capital at the time ge money bank not sure if same thing or not but any sugguestions? i openend in wi now live in MI mi statues states breach of contract 6 yrs breach of contract for sale of good under the ucc is 4yrs including deficiency actions following repossession and sale of goods subject to security interest judgements: 10 yrs but are renewable by action for another 10 any ideas if this is the ucc 4yr clause?? on my instance thanks so much


Sub: #9 ive been sued by lvnv funding a have a court date set an do not
Fri, 12/17/2010 - 13:53

ive been sued by lvnv funding a have a court date set an do not have dat money right now to pay right now my question is when u go to court do you have to pay court cost and could you go to jail


Sub: #10 My daughter (a minor) had an account at "Petland" for the purcha
Tue, 11/30/2010 - 09:18

My daughter (a minor) had an account at "Petland" for the purchase of a very sick puppy. She paid the account due in full on the last day due by telephone check and Petland's Payment Center messed the payment account #'s up. They then went after her and my wife for the passed due interest. I spoke to Petland on the telephone and I wrote letters to Petland and they sold the account to HSBC. I the wrote HSBC and the Federal Trade Commission a certified letter explaining the fraud. HSBC turned around and immediately sold the account to LVNV. They have in the past been really harrassing us on weekends and holidays over a fraudulent charge of $563.00 in interest charges. My wife's credit is now deliteriously affected. These folks are crooks!! What do I do?

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