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My emlpoyer got a voluntary wage assignment from Sonic Payday with a digital signature which they are honoring, I tried to tell them I did not authorize or sign anything but she is saying the only way to release the assignment is to receive something from Sonic Payday. Is there anything I can do?


Read the page given below and know the legal procedure of wage assignment. Since you have not signed the wage assignment letter, you have the legal rights to revoke it. Send a letter of revocation to the agency and inform your payroll department about the actions taken from your side. This is termed as 'Notice of Defense' and it should be sent through certified mail. Your wages will not be deducted towards the lending company after they have received your letter.


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ben ben

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I spoke with Jinky at Sonic Payday and she will not give me physical address. Said that I could only fax information to 888-395-0192. She would not send me a copy of the wage assignment that I "signed" either. I got my payroll department to send me a copy and this letter was not even on the loan agreement they basically type this up and typed my signature and ssn#. The letter has declaration of wage assignment and is dated 12/13/05 I have talked to them since November. When I spoke with them then they said that they were sending me to collections. These people are illegal as crap can anything be done to stop them from doing this to someone else?

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Welcome back.

You must consult a trained counselor or a lawyer in this matter. Show your copy of loan agreement to him.

You must also report these illegal activities of Sonic to the local attorney general's office. File your complaints at the FTC and the BBB website. I hope the lawyer will be able take care of this matter properly.

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ben ben

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When legal authorities get involved against Sonic, they tend to work with you instead of against you. That has been my experience. Never loan with Sonic, they are crooks, high interest rates, liars, etc.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Sonic Payday is one of the toughest companies to deal with that regularly threatens the consumers with wage assignments. Although most of time, they have not been able to take any legal actions. Do not tense yourself. Show your stronger side and always dispute with what is sent to you. If necessary, file a police complaint against them so that you have an affidavit. This will make your legal process against them stronger. The physical address of Sonic Payday is:

Sonic Payday
P.O. Box 1209
Oaks, PA 19456

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roxette roxette

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Sonic is one of the lenders on my debt consolidation program. I contacted my payroll department at work today to revoke any wage assignment from them or any other creditor. I found very useful information on this website regarding the same situation. I also sent them a certified letter revoking any voluntary wage assignment with them. This way I'll have the proof to back myself up. :D

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I'm just upset because I was going to pay them off as soon as I got my tax returns and then they pull this stunt. I'm just going to let them take it out of my check because I don't want to send them money and they continue to garnish my wages also. I don't trust them for one sec.

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SSW, don't feel low. You are giving Sonic a way to take out money from your account without any concern. Do not let this happen. Close your checking account so that your money is protected. Call them and have a stiff negotiation. I hope things will work out.

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ben ben

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Is there anything that can be done to stop the wage assignment before it is processed by my payroll department. I haven't received any written or verbal communications from Sonic regarding the potential wage assignment. CRD

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Are you talking about wage attachments? I thought you had to have gone to court and the judge issues a wage attachment against you. Am I wrong?

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annmarie0205 annmarie0205

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