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Payday loans in TEXAS - Help me get out!!!

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Seems like a common theme with these PDL companies!!! I too put myself in a bad situation gone worse by taking out several pay day loans.. some to help pay the original... a cycle that is neverending! I am paying 2400.00 month in "fees" and am not even paying off the principal!!! What was I thinking!!! I have read dozens of posts and they are legal in TX... however I see where they have abused the law and several people have been able to get out of these by getting a paid in full status.. can someone help me on where to start and how to figure out if in fact I can legally get out... and then how???so much information.. I have become to hate payday... Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!

I would suggest putting together all of your information. Go through your bank statements. Who are you paying, how much do you owe, and how much have you paid them in "fees". This will help the people here help you out.

Take care. I can be done! :D

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hope4debtfree hope4debtfree

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Ok here is the sad sad story...

Geneva Roth (also says loan point USA - original loan 300.00 have paid 1260.00 in fees and extenstions...

Zip cash Original loan $500 have paid 500.00 have paid 1110.00

Crestwood marketing (PPGC) original loan 300.00 have paid 900.00

VC Funding original loan 300.00 have paid 450.00

Paycheck today original 400.00 have paid 600.00

Payday ok - original was 300 and then increased to 500 - since the increase have paid 560.00

Being I have paid them above and beyond... can I request a paid in full??? Do they have to grant it?? Any advice.. thanks!!!!

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i am also in TX and had a loan with zip cash. I sent a letter and insisted they mark my acct Paid In Full as I had paid more than legally allowed. They sent a mutual release and were fairly easy to deal with.

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Loanpoint is not as easy to work with. They have been extremely difficult with me and still refuse to mark me PIF, but, that's ok, they can't get more money from me. I don't have any experience with the other companies but someone will come along soon and be able to help you! Hang tight!

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bflow30 bflow30

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Email paydayok from there site it was so easy to get a paid in full. I was so excited when they makered me paid in full. Just remember to put how much you paid. Print it out from there site before you e-mail them.

Sub: #5 posted on Wed, 08/01/2007 - 06:16

cynthiaw4 cynthiaw4

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