How to stop harassment by collection agency

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You can legally stop all the harassing phone calls from the collection agencies. You can send a cease and desist letter via certified mail to a collection agency and request them to stop contacting you.

However, make sure you have a copy of this letter for future reference. Once the collection agency receives this letter, they are required to stop communicating with you under the FDCPA law. They can only inform you about the actions that will be taken against you.

You can also get a prepaid debit card and it will cost you a lot less. Some check cashing places offer them for free as long as you put the required minimum amount on them at the time of purchase.

Just make sure you do not give them any bank account information.

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It has been said on this forum that it is illegal to hang up

I've never seen that posted anywhere on this forum. You can hang up all you want. This debt is past federal reporting period and SOL. No state has an SOL longer than 15 years unless they have a judgement against you. SOL on judgements varies by state but the majority of states have a 10 year SOL and the ability to renew the judgement for another 10. I personally would send the a full cease communication letter or a FOAD. Tell them that you are not going to pay as you have no legal obligation. Any further contact beyond their informing you they are ceasing collection efforts will result in you filing suit for violations of the FDCPA.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am about to try and locate what an FOAD is. If its not too much trouble, please fill me in on that. Am looking around to try and find out what it is.

It seems that Asset Acceptance, certainly among others as well, consistently violates FDCPA rules and regs and should loose their licence. Yet BBB gives them a high rating. Crazy.

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FOAD letter means "F*** off and die". You are basically telling the CA to pound sand as the debt is way beyond SOL. Tell them never to contact you again by any means.

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i talked with a lady who said i should be thankful i had a job and i Could afford the fifty i promised to pay til i paid it off i told her things came up and she continued to call my work when i told her not to very rude to me

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ok im from florida and i have a home havent paid they say-homecommings fin -collection agency- have a mortgage they say i havent paid since 2002 well i have paid coll-agencies difrent ones well they keep selling my loan -so far now about 7 times this one well i used one of ur letters on here and no phone calls havent heard by phone they stopped---the letter i wrote was the one ----validation well havent heard back yet -if they validate- what would it look like so i will know---and is there a statute of lematations on this? can they sue me? I dont know if im supose to pay collection agencies or not right now im just sick they sold my loan again----I do know about 3mths ago they told me i could settle out 4,000 then a month later it was 3,000 well i dont have the money up front well now they sold my loan again --now they send me a letter 35,000 well here we go back to square one again-this time it scares me because i am trying to fight back on my own--thinking well i may loose my home any insights at all --frightned in florida

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Can a cease and desist letter be sent to an original creditor? Unfortunately I purchased an automobile with a finance company that I did not know at the time was less than reputable. With my husband lossing his job 18 months after the purchase there collection tactics have gotten out of control. Let me point out we have only missed 2 payments this is with only one income a mortagage and regular living expenses. I just want them to stop calling my job 4-6 times a day. We have had to change our home # because they were literally calling at all hours of the night and day. I now work 2 jobs and they are coming to my second job threating me and embarassing me in front of co-workers and customers. Will this letter let us have a little peace of mind until we can get current?

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Unfortunately the fdcpa does not apply to the original creditor. More than likely if you dont get current, they will repo the vehicle. Talk to them every morning and work with them.

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can a company sue you if they are in bankruptcy?

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actually,if a company is in bankruptcy.they will make a stronger effort to collect outstanding debts.that does include suing if needed.

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