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How to stop harassment by collection agency

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You can legally stop all the harassing phone calls from the collection agencies. You can send a cease and desist letter via certified mail to a collection agency and request them to stop contacting you.

However, make sure you have a copy of this letter for future reference. Once the collection agency receives this letter, they are required to stop communicating with you under the FDCPA law. They can only inform you about the actions that will be taken against you.

:mad::mad::rolleyes::confused: I've had several collection agencies call me, threaten me and just completely harrass me... One collection company called my job everyday this was so annoying and embarrassing, she spoke with my co worker and gave her all of my information which i thought was illegal she told her that I wrote a bad check and I was going to be arreseted and she was my friend she'll help me... WTF.... She was convincing my co worker that I was going to jail and wanted my job address.. when I finally spoke with this BAD WORD she had pissed me off so bad that I said Ohh My God this Hefa had the nerve to say God, God didnt write this check you did... I said BAD WORD you crazy ... Another company kept calling my job and asking for my supervisor I'm like what do you want my supervisor for he's yelling and screaming let me speak to your supervisor I said you know what I am going to report your BAD WORDto the Better Business Bureau for harrassment and I did and I havent heard from his BAD WORD since.... The guy at the top is write you have to threaten them right back so theyll leave you the hell alone they always asking for money but will never send me information about their company who I owe? when? How? and all of the information you want... So to the Credit Collection Agencies they can Piss offff.......

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I have received numerous debt collection calls from this company for a Mr Black who must have once had my new phone number. People these days change their phone numbers like they change their shoes! The automated calls state that if I am not that person, to press a number 2 and I will not receive any further calls. Unfortunately this does not work, as I have done this repeatedly and I am still getting calls. In received one at 8am on Saturday morning when I was sound asleep and then again on the following Wednesday at PM. I have received these calls at various times of the day and night as well as when I am at work. I use this line for business and have already had new cards made and annual advertising paid for.
This last time, instead of pressing 2, I pressed one and let the person on the other end of the phone know my feelings ( I am putting this politely) no cussing or anything vulgar, but in no uncertain terms.
I am going to document each of these phone calls, time, date and who I am speaking to and then I am going after this agency for damages. I have been assured on several occasions the calls would stop, but they do not. I am sending a certified cease and desist letter out tomorrow. Would anyone like to be involved in a class action suit against them, please contact me through my local craigslist, Hampton roads, VA and search for "first national collection agency" in order to contact me. If there is an attorney interested in this class action please also contact me so we can determine the extent of the damages and amount of people involved. This kind of harassment has to stop!

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425-562-3214 is calling me constantly on my Tracphone. I have tried to answer and tell them to stop it but I just get sent round and round, operaters are busy, mail box is full etc., and as much as 30 units are deducted from my time.

I am a Cash Only person and have NO DEBTS of any kind and am tired of their harrassment.

How Can I stop them.

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Check out the following page to know about the consumer reviews and the steps to deal with Pinnacle Credit Services

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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well old fox i would not even send a dime until the CA validated the debt.once they do then i would make a reasonable attempt to pay,but not until i got validation.the link says it all.this particular place is a bottomfeeder.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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In some states the collection agency may not take any legal action against you as long as you make an attempt to pay...that means send them a dollar a month. That is all you can pay then that is what you send. They then can not take legal action against you, as you ARE paying off the debt. Abet slowly! Any one having problems with Oxford Management, note that they have been sued by the government for illegal collection actions.

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I was told that Pinnacle Credit Services were [COLOR=black]fraudulent and i checked with the company that they said i had an account with and they said that they don't have anything. So you might want to check in to it and I cannot say that any reputable company would treat people that way.[/COLOR]

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I keep receiving phone calls from Allied Interstate for my husbands ex wife and now JUST TODAY for my ex mother in law. I have had it. This has been going on for over a year now. I have written repeated cease and desist letters, had my lawyer send letters and asked them verbally over the phone to quit calling. They are now calling our family business and some how gotten my cell#!!!! I have had it!!!!! This is war now!!!! My husband has been divorced for over 13 years and I have been divorced for over 11 years!!!!

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I too have had to deal with Academy Services when they were trying to reach someone with the same last name as my elderly mother.
I told them politely that I had never heard of this person and that they do not live here. The calls continued on a daily basis until I sent the certified Ceas and Desist letter. After that I never heard anything from them.
I am now being contacted by Norstar who has even worse tactics than academy. They are also looking for someone else but got my name. It looks like it will be time to send another letter and hope that it works as well as the first one.

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@ND - they may have bought the debt but that does not mean they can prove the debt. It does mean if the alleged debtor doesn't show up there is a likelihood they will get a default judgment, I hate when that happens. Make them work for it and PROVE IT.

Since this thread is about harassment by collections operators, this seems relevant and I am glad to see more and more than New York is really cracking down on the abuse, wish my state was like that: om/watch?v=t0PRL7elc00

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