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SSI and Child Support --No Garnishment in some cases

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Maybe everyone else knows this, but I didn't. I always thought that the Government could garnish disability for child support, but I found out different yesterday.

My daughter-in-law and I went to the Child Enforcement Agency yesterday to see why they had not garnished her exs' disability that he just received-along with alot of back pay. He is about $10,000, or more behind.

We were told she was out of luck on any type of garnishment, assignment, etc. It seems if you draw SSI(which is different than SS), it cannot be garnished. The reason being, that this person didn't work for some time, have enough work credits, etc, so since they dont' make much monthly with their SSI check, they cannot be touched. The SSDI can be garnished.

This jerk quit work years back to evade the child support and found a doctor and told him he was ADHD and Bi-Polar, anyway he got it and is due abot 9,000 more on back pay.

I thought they were wrong, so I went straight to an attorneys office and he confirmed it.

Just thought I would pass this along for those of us that didn't know..karen

Thanx for the info, I have the same senario going on. What state are you checking in and what year did you check on this? Perhaps we should get together and get some more laws changed on these deadbeats to give HOPE to the future!

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It is Oklahoma, and this happened about a week or so ago..

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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I am in the same boat. My ex got on SSI for the same reason and I have not been able to get one dime. He sits at home while I work and go to school to support our son. I have been so disappointed with the government. To me, when SSI approved him and took him in they should also absorb the child support. The judgement was already in place. He owes this just like he owes for his electric bill.

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You don't just quit work and get SSI - it takes a permanent and total disability and a couple of years of fighting with the Social Security Administration to get SSI.

If he's getting SSI, believe me, he can barely support himself, unless you know about some millions of dollars he is hiding somewhere.

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SSI is determined by how much money you made before you went on disablity. For some that had high paying jobs they can get a decent amount. Not near what they were making when they worked though. It is about half.

My mom is on SSI and she only gets $750 a month. Try living on that.

Some of the deadbeats get on SSI and then work under the table for good money though and still don't support their children.

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nohiogal nohiogal

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I may have stated some things wrong here. I didn't mean that his monthly check should, would, go to pay for his kids, I was talking about his back pay from when he applied.

They were suppossed to get a one time settlement from his back pay for the kids, and then never receive anythingthing else.

This guy smokes dope, lives with his parents and has been arrested for burglary, guess he isn't hurting too bad, not like his kids.

My oldest son is disabled and is on SSDI, so i know how small they get paid.

Oh, BTW--my son got on the first time that I applied for him, which they told me was pretty uncommon.

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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I agree. The large sum at the beginning should go towards back support that is owed.

My mom was accepted the first time as well but that was over ten years ago now.

A guy at work had his wife apply and it took three years later and a lawyer to get her on it. It was unbelievable as she had many medical issues and mental problems.

My ex-husband applied twice and was denied twice. He died several months after the last denial :(

Sub: #7 posted on Sat, 04/04/2009 - 16:49

nohiogal nohiogal

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Sorry to hear that. Our friend took almost two and a half years and an attorney getting on, then I know someone else who got on the first time.

A friend of ours did disability claims years ago, before he died, and he said it is much easier to get on a mental or emotional disability than a physical one.

It took my sister-in-law about a year to get on, and she was paralyzed on her left side from a stroke!

Sub: #8 posted on Sun, 04/05/2009 - 20:03

Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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My daughter's father is 40 years old and recieve ssi he won't do anything for my 10 month old daughter. He can buy brand new cars but won't support his daughter. I have to work and take care of my daughter alone. IF they can make them they should be made to take care of them just like i have to do. I have no love.

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I live in the state of Missouri I was wondering if my childrens fathers SSID can be garnished for his back child support that he owes me we have even been to court they told him to pay $100.00 a month but he hasn't done right yet. He will pay only when they lock him up.

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