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Ways to repay the IRS debt and unload your tax burden

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Hi All,

I hope you find the above resource helpful in paying off your tax dues faster.


Who did you owe??  Is it paid in full?  You havent given us enough information.

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hi i went and dd my taxes last year and i was suppose to get 9000 back and the irs took i ony got 200 is there a action i can take to prevent this for happening again

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I have been on an installment agreement with the IRS for the past 10 years. I am paying on about 6 of the last 10 years in installments. I called yesterday to check on my installment payment and the IRS rep I talked to said some of the taxes I am paying on are over 10 years old. She said I would need to talk with someone in another department for them to examine this. These years are all included in my installment agreement even though she is right that some are 10 years old. I have not called them back yet. Do I need to talk to a lawyer first? What do I do? I am very worried.

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Originally Posted byJay Dunfren

In regards to wage garnishment, what is the percentage that is usually taken from your paychecks? When negotiating with the IRS, is this percentage agreed upon based on your individual circumstances.

Garnishments are:

15% for Social security recipients and most federal employees - http: //,,id=128481,00.html


100% for Defense contractors - s-pdf/p594.pdf


differs for wage employees and contractors - rs-pdf/p1494.pdf

You generally have 60 months to pay off your balance - rs-pdf/f9465.pdf

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Originally Posted byAnonymous
can they take my income tax ..i been making payments to unemployment so can they come in and take my tax money

Yes, Your income tax refund will be applied to any balance that you have with the IRS (and any other federal debts like child support, defaulted student loans, etc).

**This is a cool site...Very informative ^_^

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Great letter you put out. If the IRS dont accept your offer will they counter offer and do you have to come up with the whole lump sum at once or will they work with you thru payments. I have a offer in compromise going right now. The tax preparper dont want to answer none of my questions now that he has has gotten paid($1200) Thanks. P.S. Not sure if I can still make payments to them. I owe about $14,000 You seem to sure know your stuff. Jerry Could someone give me some information on this.

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My piece of advice

If you happen to owe the IRS more than $1000, it would be best to hire someone who is more knowledgeable with this matter so that you appeal for IRS debt settlement program... You must remember that the IRS only talks to people who are knowleadgeable enough to understand.....

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can they take my income tax ..i been making payments to unemployment so can they come in and take my tax money

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I have a wage levy in place (paid monthly), and IRS garnished Dec pay. This has left unable to pay for essential expenses and threat of eviction. I'm comtemplating PDL, although its illegal in my state. I've contacted the TPAdvocate and provided 433A data and other requested information. Outstanding years were filed back in 8/97 and all taxes are up to date. I became disabled after filing outstanding taxes as was unable to resolve this issue, in addition getting bad assistance from a attorney. Any thoughts on the PDL....if I'm going to do it, it needs to be done tonight.

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You should speak with an attorney at your local Legal Aid at your earliest opportunity. Here's their website:

http://coloradolegalservices.or g

Or find'em in the phonebook.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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