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IRS lost my return - says I didn't file

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I just got a letter from the IRS saying they have no record of me filing in 2003. I have copies of my (unsigned) electronically filed forms.

An agent told me on the phone to sign them and date them for today; however, that made no sense, so I just signed them, referring to the date stamp at the bottom of the form, and will mail them certified in the morning. He told me it will take between six to eight weeks to process my 2003 return, before they release my 2008.

My two questions are:
1) Can they penalize me for filing late (in their eyes)?
2) What constitutes "financial hardship" according to the Tax Advocate service - so that they might release my 2008 return?

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Sub: #1 1. YES, because they will not pay you any refund you might have
Sun, 05/03/2009 - 17:10

1. YES, because they will not pay you any refund you might have been entitled to for 2003 at this point. You mentioned you e-filed the return in 2003. Were you due a refund? If so, why did you not get suspicious when you didn't get it?

2. Financial hardship according to IRS Taxpayer Advocate- "I can't buy food, pay my rent or my utilities and I am about to be evicted/shut off or sent to a homeless shelter to eat."


Sub: #2 irs lost my 2001 return
Fri, 05/29/2009 - 09:20

i have a copy from my accountants office that the return was prepared--i owed 289.00--yah, why didn't i notice the check was never cashed--however, they filed a reuturn for me and now say i owe them 13,000 (they filed 1040A, i file 1040 ) can i refile my 2001 correctly?


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Sub: #3 The accountant may have prepared it but was it actually FILED??
Fri, 05/29/2009 - 09:41

The accountant may have prepared it but was it actually FILED?? Was it electronically filed? If so, there is a confirmation of the e-filed return, you need that...

If the accountant prepared the return and gave to you to file b/c payment was due, did you send the return via CMRRR? Do you have proof you mailed it? If so, then you should be okay...if you have no proof then it's gonna be a battle.

They will not release any refunds until all returns are filed.

Guest...are you the OP or a new poster on this thread? (I don't want to get the info mixed.)


Sub: #4 2007 W-2's
Thu, 07/30/2009 - 17:01

I did not file in 2007 and the IRS wants me to file, however, I have lost my 1040's and can't find them and the company I worked for is no longer. I can I get another copy of my 1040's?

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