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I have a question: To file it says you need to get a recent copy of your tax forms. I just got a job so I didn't file for 2007, my last job was in 2002 before my accident, do I need to give them those forms, even though they are from 6 years ago? They were my last income tax forms.

Are you referring to the stimulus payment? If so, you need to file a return if you received any benefits from social security and you made over $3,000.00. You would need to file a 1099A, I believe is what it is called in order to receive that payment.

You should have received notification from SS in regards to this. The forms are available on the IRS.GOV website.

Are you talking about filing for bankruptcy? If so, and you received any benefits from social security you can request a statement of earnings from them at

I hope that this answers your question. Other's will be along shortly to advise further. I was't too clear on what info you needed so hopefully I provided the correct answer to your question.

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I didn't mean the stimulus. I'm sorry, I'll try to be more clear. To file for bankruptcy, it says to obtain a recent copy of your tax return. I didn't file for last year because I just got a job. Last time I filed any taxes was 6 years ago. Would they need a copy of that since it's my last one even though it is old?

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I don't think so. I know they required me to show my last 2 years of tax returns. They don't care about what you made 6 years ago, since it doesn't really apply to the current situation.

You don't need the tax returns to file, you need them to show to the trustee. Once you file, you will recvieve a notice in the mail from the trustee telling you when to appear for your meeting of creditors and what documents you need to provide to the trustee before hand. It will identify who your trustee is, and you can call him at that time and explain your situation. They may want you to bring some other documents or something . . . .

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