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Back Child Support Owed to me, will I get stimulous?

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I am owed over $25,000 in back child support for my 16 year old son ... his father hasn't paid in YEARS but is working now. ASSUMING that he's getting a stimulus check, will it come to me instead of him? Or does anyone know where to find out?

I take it you are male.

Having sex takes two, having children is a womans choice. Ask yourself, does a man every really have a decision?

Yes, it is call wearing a condom, or dont have sex.

You father or mother a child, you are responsible for that child's support. Period.

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So many weak women..! Before you judge men you should maybe ask questions.

Its amazing how many people run around trying to collect money from others. Everyone calling the man the bad person for walking out. Yet we never hear of the women that get rid of children that men may actually want. Can we collect monies for the lose of a child?

My mother raised me on her own without my father. He decided it was not what he wanted at that time in his life. My mother went against that but never chased my father for money, as it was her choice. She could not afford to have me, she was far to young but one way or another we made it. I love my mother and around 22 i met my father. I hold no ill grudge to him nore does my mother. Having sex takes two, having children is a womans choice. Ask yourself, does a man every really have a decision? Children should be brought in to this world with two parents that agree, or atleast one that is willing to take full responsibility (father or mother). Play adult games pay adult prices, this is the worse thing I have every heard. If this was true we would be going back in time, Which some of you belong.

Dont have children if you cannot afford them alone if you choose to do it alone. I hate to say it but to many women have children as an easy option, yes I know its not easy raising children. However, most of us know at least one woman thats sits around collecting money from all different sources just so they dont have to work or even live a better life. I know this sounds harsh but think about it?

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I live in VA and the few times I've dealt with Child Support issues the courts requested financial statements from both adult supporting parties (mom and dad) with copies of pay stubs, etc as proof. Then there is a calculation done because they can't take 100% of your income for child support. If your husband is paying $1200 in court ordered support he must be making good money at least if you live in VA....

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Reading all this, is like looking at my court papers!! My ex does whatever he can to not pay me the money he owes to our son! He tells me to deal with it! It's the good fathers that get fu##ed! My current husband has two children with his ex and would do anything for them, The courts have made it to where he pays 1200.00 a month for his two children, every time my husband and I have something good go on it our live his ex takes us for more money! The last time they went to court he told the court that he was having problems paying so much money, and asked if it could be lowered, we have a 2 year old little girl together, my ex will not pay child support, The courts told my husband that his older children were here first! Pretty much saying our daughter didn't matter!! My husband will do ANYTHING for his children and his ex makes it very hard for us! I wish she would see what it is like to not get her child support!! Me just like most of you have DEAD BEAT father's for our children. My husband pays his child support EVERY MONTH and that is still not good for her!! It is so unfair, The good fathers get crapped on, and the dead beat fathers get away with not paying!!!

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they took my kids father taxes and he has two child support case out how do i find out how much money will i be recieving

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you want the support from your mom? this is probably child suppport your dad already owed , glad you are not my child that i made sure you ate, had a roof, clothes to wear ,

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just so you know this happens way more than you think, a man decides to work under the table and pays no taxes, doesnt file, and the state of GEORGIA yes i spelled it out that was in 1993 and it is so true today , i fought to get my support and the father pays now !! you ready $100 a month till pad, he owed $42,000 and I will be 73 if I live long enough to collect it all, and not much has changed , my oldest lives in GEORGIA and the dead beat lives in SOUTH CAROLINA, less than 70 miles from his children and there is a court order that is having a problem being enforced !! , so I dont want ot hear how the state goes after fathers, they do !! the easy ones to get !!

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Originally Posted byAnonymous
wat do i do about if i am 25yrs old and my mom still get child support for me? how do i go about changing that.

WHy would you want to? Sounds like your mom was smart enough to have it written for an extended period of time.

Sub: #8 posted on Wed, 11/03/2010 - 02:15

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wat do i do about if i am 25yrs old and my mom still get child support for me? how do i go about changing that.

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im not owed near that much but im suppose to only get 50.00 a month and can't get that

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