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Settlement offer from United Cash Loans!!!

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This is what I got in the email today after several weeks of letter writing, emailing and faxing:


"Dear: Miranda ****
Re: United Cash Account # ****

This department has received the recent communication regarding the above account. The terms and conditions are available from the website at the time of application, and there is a 48 hour window in which to cancel the agreement without incurring any fee. In addition before each debit an account summary is provided to you, which also summarizes the terms once more, and all the options for repayment.

Although we believe all the terms and conditions have been met, we wish to assist you by writing off the balance remaining on your account.


Your account with us is now closed permanently and you will be ineligible to do any future business with United Cash Loans, or any of our affiliates.

United Cash Compliance Department
Fax: 1-800-230-9480
Email: compliancedepartment(at)"

Two quick questions: 1) Is this the same as paid in full? The way they say "your account is closed permanently" sounds ominous. 2) Has anyone ever gotten a refund from this company? I asked for $219 but am more than happy with a PIF> but if they've given refunds out to others maybe I'll keep pushing. Lord knows I could use the money!

This company is the DBA name of Rio Resources. You should insist for a PIF letter also after they have closed your account.

Someone has got the refund from this company. Check this link ml

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Johnson4485 Johnson4485

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It's very difficult to get a refund from this company. Yes, make sure you get something from them that states the account is considered PIF. I think writing off the balance is their way of stating this.

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I cannot log into my account summary because they say it's unavailable, even tho i've been paying them off & their high finance fees w/every payment. united cash loans also did not reveal all these finance charges w/every paydown. when i call they say they can't help me. they put my complaint in a 'separate dept.' which they will get to me by way of a 'specialist' and an e-mail and a phone call. I received none of this help and I sill cannot access my own loan status summary for 2 weeks now! wow! these guys are scary! I've contacted ny state consumer fraud and mAe a claim against them for a reimbursement so far I dished out $280 in finance fees alone. I have $150 left to pay on the loan. these people are deceptive and they are liars about all their hidden finance fees. I didn't sign up on line for the same ontract they sent me by mail. the mailed contract revealed all the hidden on-going finance fees totaling $310 after all is said & done. RIPS OFFS ALL THE WAY!

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I'm just trying to find out how any of you started the process of stopping the Pay Day Loan trap? I have 3 payday loans and am living very hard to keep up with the bi-monthly payments. After looking over the laws in KY, $500 is the max. amount to borrow, but my on-line pay day loans and 1 local total around 1700.00 without the fees.

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What are the names of each of your pdl companies? How much did you initially borrow? How much have you paid so far?

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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