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National Collegiate Trust - Is this a scam?!?

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I just got 2 letters in the mail from a collection agency in regards to a National Collegiate Trust account. The weird thing is that when I look up my student loans through AES (or any of my other lenders), none of my loans are past due, none of my loans are currently due, the amount of the debt stated in the letters does not match the amount of any of my student loans, and the address the letters went to is my gma's address which I have never had listed as my address. The other really weird thing is that my mother got a letter stating the exact same thing, but she has never once co-signed for any student loan for me and they called her on her cell number, but she has only had that number for a few months and it has never been listed on any of my student loan accounts as a contact number. I can not find a number to contact NCT and when I called AES, they verified my loans are all ok. I don't even remember ever having signed any loans for NCT. The only loans I have ever had that involved a cosigner was my freshmen year in college and it was my uncle who signed for the fact I don't recall signing for the loan, so he might have taken the loan out for me instead of co-signing but idk. I need help figuring this out! I don't trust what is going on and am worried my mother and I are being scammed.

You need to call....that is the only way you will find out for sure. NCT is not a scam.

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How can I call NCT if the only number I could find listed in association w/them is not a working number for them? Any clue on how I can get a good contact number for them? Thanks.

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I just got a similar letter from a collection agency. Windham professionals. They are offering me to pay off my loans at 55% lump sum. The trouble is, the two loans they have for me are not mine.

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NCT used to work with the now defunct GATE loan program....found this contact 1-800-895-GATE (4283).. Try that and see if they can help.

There is also was or is some connection between NCT and BOFA.

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They are not a scam, I have loans that I paid through AES that are NCT loans and I have been called by NCO Financial, they are the collection agency so you should call them.

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Bank of America pushed student loans through without validation and then sold them to a front company called National Collegate Trust. You will never get in touch with NCT because they are a section of American Education Services. I have been dealing with AES about a student loan that has my name attached to as a cosigner. I contacted the State AG for Nebraska and Pennsylvania and after a year of hell I still cannot get anything done. They hired a company called Simm Corp out of NJ to try and coherse funds out of me by threatening my credit rating. Write your State AG and file suit against them if you have the means.

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