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Will consolidating my stident loans stop my wage garnishment?

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I have a $10,000 student loan that went into default and now my wages are being garnished I haven't done anything with them, haven't had any forbearance's or anything like that and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to stop my wages from garnishment?

Is this a federal loan or a private loan?

Once you default, you loose all your deferment/forbearance priveleges. In the case of a federal loans, you should have received several notices including a 30 day intent to garnish letter. You would have had an opportunity to appeal the garnishment. Because of the garnishment you are now ineligible for consolidation.

At this point, you have two options. Appeal the garnishment. It might take time but if you can prove financial hardship they may lift the garnishment. Otherwise you can do a rehab while in garnishment...that will require 9 months of payments over and above your garnishment.

If it is a private loan, you have already been sued and they have a judgment against you. Getting out of that garnishment is much more difficult.

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I had a federal student loan in default, at one time. It's very difficult to get them back in 'good status'. Yes..wages, refunds, etc. can be taken for defaulted student loans. It took alot of calling people to re-new my student loan.

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