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My wife, the lovely lady has 135,000 in student loans. She consolidated them the only year they had a variable rate, which is now 8% I believe. They want 1100 a month.

Is there anyway I can get this lower, or am I stuck with this until I divorce her?

thank you,

There is a poster here call soaplady and she will be along shortly to advise you. I wound't think that you could be help responsible for your wifes debt, what state are you in? It sounds to me that you are planning on divorcing is that correct (none of my business on that question, just curious as that is how it sounds)?

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Not looking for a divorce, only looking to see if we can lower our payments. 1100 a month is 400 less than our mortgage. That is absurd. It's her fault for deferring that long, but it is what it is.


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well soaplady knows everything you need to know about studen loans. You can send her a pm (private message), but I think you may have to be a registered user otherwise she will be around to answer your question.

What kind of education did your wife get? Sounds like a good profession.

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Chiropractor. Used to be a good profession before 2001. since 9/11 health insurance cut it in half. GHI pays her 7 dollars a visit.

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OMG that is awful I am sorry to hear about that. What part of the country are you in?

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New York

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High cost of living there isn't it? I live in the midwest and it is high here I can't imagine the cost of living where you are at...our gas is currently at $3.80 a gallon :twisted: and our electric company wants to raise all of our electric bills an additional $8.50 per person per 1000 kwh's and we have like 250,000 people in the city I live in so the math on that is astronomical (sp?). Would like to know if they are going to reduce it if and when gas prices go down?

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You might be able to get a lower payment plan but by my calculations her interest is running about $900 per month. Standard payment is around $1600 per month so she is already on a reduced payment.

Talk to your lender.

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is it a violation of the fdcpa to state the mini miranda on an answering machine

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