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I have a student loan that's in default, but I'm currently in a rehab program to resolve it. I've been in it for 3 months. I checked my bank account and noticed a federal payment I'm due was/is being offset and later found out it was because of the default. I contacted ECMC directly to discuss the hardship this offset will cause and the rep said she would remove the offset and I think she did it while I was on the phone. Initially she said that she'd send me hardship forms to fill out to request a refund, but later in the conversation asked specifically what the hardship was after she saw that I was currently in rehab. She said that she'd submit a request for refund after the funds hit their system...which it hasn't yet. Before I got off the phone I asked about the hardship forms and she said I didn't need them because she removed the offset.

My questions are: would she say she would remove the offset if she really couldn't/wouldn't and how long does it take for offset removal actions to hit the treasury system? Thanks!

I think it will take around 1-2 weeks. Wait for the next 13-14 days and find out what happens. No, I don't think that the lady would have said this thing if she really could not remove the offset.

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Oh ok, I will check back in that time frame. Thank you very much for a response.

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