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I became totally and permanently disabled in 2004 (I'm nearly blind). I have a student loan that's been on forbearance for a while.

I learned that if one is totally disabled a student loan can get discharged. I had my doc fill out all the forms and we mailed it off.

I got a "preliminary" approval to have this loan discharged and it was being sent to the next level.

In today's mail the next level sent a letter denying my claim for "medical reasons."

Since student loans are made from taxpayer money, they don't mess around with this stuff. They can come after my SSI, tax refund (my wife works) ect.

I can't find any way of appealing this decision. Does anyone know anything about this stuff?

Blindness is one of those conditions where loans will not be discharged. Many many blind people work and lead productive lives. When I worked collections we had to blind employees that had been trained to use specially equiped computers that "read" the information into their ear piece. Contact your local society for the blind for assistance and retraining information.

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There is a member on here "soaplady" that can answer your questions. Hang on she will be around to assist you.

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