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a friend has $30,000 of unsecured debt to one credit card (United) and cannot pay the bill or make the monthly payment; how can he settle the debt with them to stop the collection calls

You have told collection calls - Be sure that whether the debt has been assigned to the collection company or sold to the collection company. Next, your friend will have to explain his/her financial situation and negotiate for debt settlement. He can give an offer as much his/her current financial situation will permit. If the credit card company / debt collection company gets convinced, then they will agree of a reduced payoff amount.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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It'll be better for your friend to follow the path of debt negotiation with his creditors. He can also take the services of debt negotiation companies. Once you make aware them all the facts, they'll negotiate on your behalf with your creditors and whatever be final amount be settled, if has to be paid by you once. One more thing to remember, these debt negotiating companies are to be paid only after settlement of your case and not before.

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