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I have do have a payday loan through cash call. But what I thought I was getting help with payless financial with this payday loan and others. But my major problem is, I am trying to get my husband's and mine credit report out of trouble. We have a second mortgage, auto loan, payday loans and other bills. I am so stressed out that we try to stretch our paychecks to the next. But then we end up have to use our daughters paychecks to help with making payments on these loans. I have budgeted and budgeted so many times, I don't see what we are doing to our daughters. Both my husband and I make enough money. But before I was making enough money I should say, I was taking out these loans. Now they just keep piling up. I try to make the mininum amount each month. But I know for sure that it doesn't work. So please help me.

Where do you live? Your cash call loan...did it originate with Western Sky?? You have other payday loans?? If so list them out....

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State the name of the payday loan companies so that we can tell you if they are illegal or illegal. As far as illegal loan companies are concerned, you're only required to pay the principal amount. Deal with the payday loan lenders on your own.

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