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Process server called to tell me he is going to come by

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I had a "process server" call me and tell me to be home in 2 hours he is coming by to serve me. He said to have a valid form of id and a witness. Do they really do this? He kept asking me to call this 877 number to resolve this issue so he wouldn't have to come out. Is this a ploy to get me to pay a 3rd party for an old debt?

This does not sound legit to me! Process servers never announce that they are coming! Why would they warn people? I bet if you call the number it will be a phony debt collector, probably with a foreign accent! Do not fall for this! They are getting more and more creative everyday!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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I thought the same thing frogpatch. When I called the number back it just rang and after about 10 rings a fax machine picked up. I told the guy to come on over and he said fine, I'll be there in 2 hours and you had better have a witness and a form of id. Then he called my husband and harassed him. I didn't think that they'd call you first and when I told the guy that I didn't think process servers call first he laughed and that is when he said I need to make sure I am here in 2 hours.

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What an idiot this guy is. Yeah okay I will be here waiting for you with my witness and ID. I was served once and they did not call in advance.

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I thought that was the case. It has been almost 2 hours and he hasn't showed up. I don't know why I let it concern me. I am really hoping this jerk doesn't show up.

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prestonshelle prestonshelle

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Go out and do some shopping or take a walk. If you are really going to be served why wait around for it??? Making their job a lot easier. :cool:

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Call him up and ask him why he didn't come by yet! HAHAHAHA

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Tell him you will have a police officer by you as a witness.

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I did wait, for almost 3 hours. He never showed. I tried to call him back, but it just rang and rang and then rolled over to a fax machine. I was gonna ask him why he didn't show up, tee hee

Sub: #8 posted on Fri, 08/13/2010 - 04:39

prestonshelle prestonshelle

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I had gotten a call like this about a month ago. I returned a call that was left on my see I've had some debt issues in the past and I have been trying to take care of them. I spoke to a guy that told me I was being sued over a bad debt...he even provided a likely credit card (one that I had had) and offered to give me the account number. He said he could talk to the client and see if we could make a deal and not have to go to court. I thought that was great...I'm in the military and the last thing I need is to be sued. I called my parents and asked about borrowing money. But when my dad looked up the phone number they gave me, he found nothing but scam articles listed. He advised me to stop making contact with them and ignore there phone calls. They called a few times more and then it stopped. Now, today they called me again and even called my work (military). How do I get them to stop calling? It does not look good to my CO...scam or no scam.

Sub: #9 posted on Mon, 12/27/2010 - 23:23


Check your state statutes on collecting old debt. Most states do not allow debt collectors to take you to court after 4-5 years. Scam debt collectors will buy your very old debt and try to scare you with these "process server" techniques. they are getting more creative but don't fall for it. They have even gone so far as posting on forums just like this pretending to be people that had debt and were served by these people then paid the debt etc. They know we google the telephone numbers and they try to block that out as well with unknown numbers etc or constantly changing company names.
before you pay anyone, please check your state laws for debt collecting. they can harass you for years but they can not take you to court, garnish wages or serve you anything after a certain time given by your state.
These "process servers" called me as well from a California number 909 area code. The woman said she was with the process servers office and was trying to serve me papers. I told her they had called weeks ago and claimed they were serving me that day and I even gave them the correct address and directions to my home but they never showed up. She claimed I wasn't home or that they had the wrong address. i told her...well you have the right number so how hard is it to get the address? She said an officer would be out to serve me. I told her that my husband is a police officer and he checked with the court house and no such papers existed. She said it wasn't from the county or state it was from a company. I asked her the name of her company and she said Tri county or tri state and that i could stop the process server if i called this 1-877 #. I asked her why was she telling me this if she claims they already tried to serve me, she said to stop them. And I said is your company serving me? She said No. Then I asked her why was she calling and why did she start the conversation with telling me she had papers to serve me and claiming she was the process server.

I then started researching about these process servers and found while some people might be server for a legit reason for various things by a process server NEVER have they announced that they are coming and NEVER have they offered to try and STOP you from being served. A true process server gets paid when they SERVE actual papers, so you would think they wouldn't want to stop a thing with some 1 877#. In reality we are all catching on that the number they give you is to a collection agency that has bought your very old debt for pennies and is trying to scare you into calling to try and "stop" the process. Please check your state laws on debt clollecting and get names of these companies to report.

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