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ive getting a lot of calls from debt collection attorney's, i dont know what to do or to say ? should i get a lawyer and let them handled the talking and consolidate my debts (pay day loans and credit cards) ? one of the companuy just recently sued me for not paying and garnished my income.. i just dont want to happen that again.

who sued you?most likely a CC,but no lawyer works as a DC.most are scams anyway.i would contact the CC'S about settling,or at least just to keep the lines of communication for the PDL'S please list them here.we can help with those,but communication is important with CC' guarantees,but it does help.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Do not waste money on an attorney....nothing they can do for you now since you have already been sued. Who else do you owe??? Who sued you? The creditor..

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the plaintiff is portfolio recovery llc and they were represented by legal recovery law offices... my paycheck is already being garnish.. so theres nothing i can do with that..

the new ones that are calling me is a guy named marc brown from attorney harrison law firm they want to discuss a important business matter and mentioned the case number .... tel.12704950287 and another debt collection attorney tel 18883026649.

i just dont want them to do the same thing on what the other credit card company did.. and get another wage garnishment.

whats pdl ?

should i just do those debt consiladation program to hand le my case such as for my pay day loans and credit card debt?

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vmack vmack

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First check if the debts are at all valid. Send debt validation letter to the collection agencies. This won't only help you know if you actually owe the debts and what is the actual amount, but also help you buy time. In the meantime, lower the expenses. If the debts come back validated, deal with the collection agencies to make the payments.

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marvelbecks marvelbecks

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