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If so, what was your experience. I'm considering using them. A freind of mine did and was very satisfied but I'm still sceptical because of all the fly by nights. They have an A rating with the BBB, but the BBB gets paid to rate them and there are no reviews. They've had 9 complaints in the past 36 months also.

Thanks for your input!

I did, and it was a nightmare. After 10 months they still hadn't made payment arrangements with 4 of my creditors. One refused to work with them completely and the others were frustrated over the lack of response from Springboard. In the end I had to work out my own settlement options and pay the companies myself. Now, my credit is even worse than when I started, and I'm still having to do all the work. What a pain! My advice is stay away!!!

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Thanks!!! I appreciate your input.

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I too am getting ready to use springboard. I mean what other hope is there? these companies just charge and chare interest penalties. It is maddening is there anyone who had a positive experience

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Checked 'em out and they appear to be a consolidation company.

Just bear in mind that you can do this yourself....(with a little help from your new friends in here :cool:)

Please bare in mind that when you lose control of your money, you might just lose your money.

My advice to you is this.....imho;
1. register on the forum, kind of a pay it forward attitude.
2. read all of the posts, over and over again.
3. ask questions, you'll receive a lot of opinions.

Plan your actions & act out your plans.

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this is so hard to believe, but I just came in here about two weeks ago and have settled all of my husband's cc debt ....true we had cash that we borrowed from family, but we settled all of his debt on our own for about 23-40% ......Please read posts about doing your own debt is not that hard....just at first....Listen to Jabba....who helped me!!!

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I'm very disappointed with Springboard. I don't think they're a sham, but very sloppy and probably understaffed. I had a feeling something was odd when I went to sign up and my counselor told me to watch my creditors' monthly statements very carefully and contact them if something is wrong. I thought to myself, they're the professionals and I'm paying them to do the job right in handling those monthly payments. Well, I got very busy and didn't do as she told me, then months later I found out Springboard wasn't paying two creditors enough (they didn't even know one had gone into collections) and they didn't follow through in establishing contracts with at least one company. Anyway, I got stuck with the consequences--over $500 added to my already high debt. I'm having problems getting Springboard to reply to my emails now too and when I called I got some guy who wasn't familiar with my case.
I wish I had just done it all myself. When I signed up, I had a decent credit score--a ton of debt, but I made payments promptly and just needed relief from those F***ing banks we bailed out to the tune of billions who kept raising my interest rates so I'd never be able to pay them off and go into retirement debt free.
No wonder Springboard's not responding to my request to let me know what my score is now. My counselor had told me it would go up again soon after Springboard established prompt monthly payments. I know I can get the score elsewhere, but now I don't think I can bear knowing.
I feel great remorse for this and all past foolish financial decisions.
Idiot from the 80s.

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