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SKO Brenner American send me a collection letter. What should I do?

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I received a call from this company today. First time I have ever heard of them. Never received a letter although they said they have sent me several in the past. Never received their voice mail messages although they claim they have left me two previously. In any event, they state that I owe Swiss Colony over 1,000 which I do not and when I asked for them to send me a letter validating the debt, the gentlemen told me that he did not need to do that and if I did not pay him something today he would be issuing a summons for me to appear in court. I was at work when I returned his call and I agreed to pay $150.00 on the debt. I am contacting Swiss Colony to inquire as to this bill and what it is all about. What could I have done better?

Its not a matter of what you could have done better. If you don't have any record of owing Swiss COlony anything, then I wouldn't ahve agreed to pay SKO anything. You need to get validation from Swiss Colony. Then you need to ask them if your debt was sold to SKO. I believe they are required to provide you with debt validation. Why would anyone pay someone if they don't have proof it is owed to them?

Good Luck.

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sswett sswett

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I guess I should clarify. I did have an account with Swiss Colony. I thought I had paid them in full but evidently I owed them $260.00. It was during the time I was undergoing open heart surgery and I really wasn't thinking about anything at that time except my surgery. I contacted Swiss Colony today and they confirmed that there was a balance owed on the account. They are sending me a debt validation letter. I have also contacted the Attorney General's office of my State as SKO is licensed here. I explained what the gentlemen from SKO had advised, i.e. he would be filing a summons, if my check bounced then I would be prosecuted through our District Attorneys office, etc. They advised me that the company was in not only violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act but also of my state laws. I have filed a complaint against this company and Swiss Colony has accepted payment arrangements for me to pay this debt through them.

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peppertras peppertras

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well, congratulations!! You did everything fine!

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sswett sswett

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pepper, Congradulations. I have told people many times the Attorney Generals office can and will help. I am so glad you got this situation worked out. KYSIDE38

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Yesterday I received a letter from Sko Brenner American saying they have been retained by Sheer Cover (never heard of them either) to pay a debit of 205.00. I called SKO Brenner and all they wanted was more info on me, my phone number, etc. This really smells fishy - what do I do next? I never ordered anything from this Sheer Cover Company!

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I got the same deal going on. They say I owe $129 for a "Sonic Blade" they say I didn't pay for like 3 years ago. Lol, who are these people? OMG, I am so glad I decided to search SKO to find others shared stories. I'm gonna mess with them now for sure. I can tell you one thing, they wont be getting a penny out of me unless I'm standing before a Judge and hear him order me to do so. These guys gotta go DOWN!!!

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congrats pepper....

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justin.hi5 justin.hi5

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I too, received a letter from SKO Brenner claiming I owe $224.56 to Sheer Cover. I have never even heard of Sheer Cover. What is it? I pay for what I want when I go to the store, not thru the mail. I am calling the Attorney General in Michigan & have SKO checked out. Has anyone else had this happen to them? What was the outcome?

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I received 2 voicemails from SKO Brenner saying that I have some sort of debt. I know I have absolutely none, so I called them back, knowing readily in my mind that this must be a scam. First, when the prompt told me to enter my account number and then press #, I just pressed # and it let me right through. Then I got a hold of Karen, who when I gave her my cell phone # she gave me my name, and then said I would need to give her my address to verify. I said I didn't want to do that, and what was I in debt for, I have paid all of my college loans, and I don't have a credit card. She told me that sometimes we have debt we don't know about (horse shit). So she says, "ma'am I have your cell phone in the computer, and your names comes up." and I said, "Well, scammers are pretty good these days". So then, as both of our voices got louder (mine MUCH louder) I said "why don't you tell me my address and I'll tell you if that's right" and she yells out something in ARKANSAS.

I've lived in Burlington, VT my whole entire life. When I told her that, she immediately hung up the phone.

People, "company" is a scam. Call your local government to report it. This is how they get naive people or the elderly to give their money away.

Call them back and harass them! If they call me back one more time, I'm going to tell them I'll sue for harassment. Let's see if that shuts them up.

Good luck! Stand up for yourself!

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My girlfriend passed along a letter she received in the mail this weekend. It is from SKO brenner asking for her credit card number, security code, and signature to pay a $33 debt to "Vita Power". She says she has never heard of Vita power. I informed her it must be a scam and I'd look it up. The left me a phone number 1-800-669-4520. I was thinking of calling them to BS with them a little bit. Anyone else heard anything on this?

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