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There was a post here earlier today about Sifxpert's web site shutting down and needed client e-mail addresses. I see it's been removed, but am wondering what it said because there are MANY of us trying to track him down and are wondering if this is really legit... Can anyone help me find out what it said?

It was a solicitation so I removed it, I don't remember quite what it said but it sounded very bogus to me. It sounded like someone trying to drum up business for another website.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Sounds like a pretty good place to get clients. If he won't answer them, someone should help them!

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I have no clue what to do. I've seen posts on this site that James (Sifxpert) has settled major accounts for people and they're competely satisfied! We signed on with his program in January with a lot of cc debt... he put $19k of our money in a trust account I believe with BofA under Elite Negotiations, Inc. in CA. We've been getting collector calls, our families have been getting collector calls, and now we're at point of charge-off with many of our creditors and James is MIA! He was unreachable mid-May thru mid-June, then he was back in touch with his plan of action on our accounts, but I haven't seen any settlement statements or got word from any creditors that any had been settled. Now he's been MIA again for the last month. Now his web site has been shut down. I have a Discover card scheduled to charge-off 7/31. I have no clue what's up with the $19k. If I had personal access to it, I'd be inclined to try and settle some accounts by myself. Can anyone help me? Where do I go from here?

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Have you explained what's going on to your creditors?

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lawn1016 lawn1016

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No, I was told not to be in contact with them... I screen calls and don't answer if it's a cc company or a debt collector. I don't know if explaining the situation would do any good... I still don't have the money to settle.

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The earlier post was not a solicitation for business. it was a genuine concern about his clients. Myself and a few others are trying to collect information to put this guy in jail and dissolve his assets to get some money back to people. Now that his site is shut down........there is no way to communicate with the clients so please don't prevent us from trying to get some justice. My email for this information is email removed per forum rules and I was one of his clients that got ripped off and will give you my name and phone number but not on this site.

If you want to gather info here, guest, please register, it's free and doesn't require personal info. Then people can send you private messages and you can gather info that way. Goudah

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Are you the same guy who posted in his forum? sixfpert at hotmail dot com?

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I pray that James Lombardo or sifxpert or whatever he is calling himself these days isn`t really scamming people but if what everyone is saying is true you guys need to file complaints with the BBB , , FTC , Your state attorney general and California state attorney general asap. I have those links as my signature so you can get to them quickly. Please keep us informed

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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He took $500 retainer fee in May and disappeared. Lucky for me I guess compared to some.

Good news is I settled my $10555 BofA debt for 25% just by calling. Took all of 15 min.

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I do have couple of question for the person who is trying to collect email addresses. I saw your post yesterday at James's(sifxpert) forum where you call yourself sixfert. You were warning everyone to send you email address before the site goes down. I am sure everyone knows what I am going to ask.

How did you find out that the forum will go down right before it did??

I have also noticed you have registered yesterday as sixfpert which almost looks like sifxpert. Confusing don't you think?

Why? People are actually asking you if you are James.

Hence, I did not send my email. And I am still not sure what the hell is going on with James. Today I read in this forum where someone says James contacted and told the site was hacked! Who to believe?

Did you know?

I am as confused as the next person, I am just being very cautious.

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