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I just received a call from Regional Arbitration Services asking payment for a cash advance loan that I took out in January 2004. I thought I have already settled this matter but I do not have records of it since this was close to 8 years ago. I asked for any documentation they have as proof that I do in fact owe this debt, but they told me they could not give it to me because it's evidence for the court. They threatened me saying that if I don't pay up, I will have to go to court. My question is, since the SOL for CA is 4 years for any written contract and they are only notifying me about this now, they have no grounds for suing me and bringing me to court, correct? By the way, the original loan was for $300 which they are collecting $800 for due to fees and interest. Am I being scammed?

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Yes you are. Don't pay them a cent... curious, what is the # they calling from??

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waffles waffles
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(213) 261-0299 is their number.

They contacted me last week and since this has never happened to me before, and I do remember using that loan service a long time ago, I got flustered and scared and gave them my card #. BAD MOVE. I've read a few posts from this site saying that I should never claim that the debt was valid because if I give them a promise to pay, the SOL starts all over. My bank was smart enough to realize that this was possible fraud so they declined every charge they tried to push through. They tried 5x and they were all between $400 - $800.

They keep calling me now and I told them I am not giving them my new card number until they could prove to me that this debt is indeed valid. The collector told me that I was a joke and that they will see me in court and hung up on me. Now I'm not really sure if they can really sue me or not.

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first off stop talking to them.that will only get you more calls.use any info to file AG and FTC complaints.nothing but a lawbreaking scam.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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