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I have over 50,000 in cc debt both business and personnel. Where do I start on elimanting this debt or possibly reducing the high interest rates. I am current on these dabts but no for long, since I had to close my business recently.

Even though you are current If you are overextended and you foresee your self not being able to stay current much longer you should consider a debt settlement program. It will get you one payment to be around half of what you were paying. A good settlement company should be able to settle your debt for around 40%-50% on average. The down side to this program is that it hurts your credit because a creditor will typically not settle unless the account is at least 90-120 days late or more. However the fact it hurts your credit is irrelevant since you are about to fall behind regardless anyways. I suggest you do a 36 month program or less to reduce your risks of judgment.
There are a lot of bad apples in the settlement industry so be sure to shop around and look them of on the BBB to see if they are members or at least have a good track record. Also make sure they are members of TASC or USOBA. I hope this helps you on your quest to becoming debt free.

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