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PYOD LLC - how do I stop monthly payments to them?

rucha 5204
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I have been paying a collection agency that represents PYOD LLC for 2 years now. for several payments 50 dollars per month, then 75 per month for 4 months. now they want 100 to 200 per month. and this woman from Mercantile Adjustment bureau. She couldn't even tell me what my debt was when i first began making payments, but i have documentation of a much lessor amount and they accrued interest every month up to 8,000 dollars. should i stop paying payment until descrepency on the total amount is resolved? or even pay PYOD directly?

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You should have confirmed the debt amount right at the beginning. You may contact PYOD LLC regarding this issue. Are you even sure that the collection agency is really representing PYOD? I think it will be better to stop making making further payments until the confusion is resolved.

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I want to know how do i stop montly payments to Klosk Law firm, their bank is Global Client Solutions LLC. I just read that Klosk Law Firm got an F rating from BBB, and everytime i call there,i just getsent to a voice mail, I never known a law firm not taking calls at all. I also called there with extentions to someone and neverget a call back. Does anyone who has been involved with Klosk Law Firm have these problems?

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