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I need money to pay to for poperty tax by NOv.30th $3749.55, where can I get the money in two weeks with bad credit.

vkham, it is going to be tuff to find a loan with bad credit, i am in the same situation as you. My property taxes are also due by the end of November but for the past two years i have been paying them in May of the following year. Call your county and find out when is the exact date that they send out the tax certificates for sale. You will probably end up paying about $100 more but its better paying that then getting a loan at a high interest. Find out with them that way you have another 5 months to get the money. If you look at the bottom of the tax bill it shows you the amount due if paid by Nov, Dec,Jan,Feb, etc. I know that on my county the last day is always like the 20th of May. Good Luck!

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It has to be posted by Dec.10th.

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there's a website called where you can borrow money but your experian credit report score has to be 520 or more. I have heard lots of good feedback from them you might want to try and apply.

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I've try the already and got no respone from any one. I'll so depress and don't know what else to do. I've try grants program and nothing work. What and where can I get this money? I know for sure I can pay it off if some can help me.

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Katelynn is right- our county does the same thing. You have so many months to pay, then you pay a penalty-then it's months more before they do a tax sale-giving you time to gather the money.Check into this and see how many months you have.Half of my taxes are due Dec.31,the other half 6 months later. Then they send out papers about paying your taxes,then more papers about a tax sale,etc., taking months and months.

Good Luck--keep us posted..karen :D

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about to lose my house can you HELP

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