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How to revoke limited power of attorney for Sifxpert?

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When I signed up with Sifxpert I signed a piece of paper saying it was a Limited Power of Attorney. I'm not sure whether this is an actual legal document but he was able to write a check to himself and withdraw money from my account. I authorized this as part of his settlement fee. I just looked at the check and it says:

Signature Not Required. You Depositor has authorized this payment to payee. Payee to hold you harmless for payment of this document.

Now that I haven't been able to reach him in 2 months and he appears to be scamming a lot of people, I don't want him to be able to take out any more money from my account. Anyone have any advice on how to revoke the POA or what other action to take?

I took everything out of the special account today and will close the account Monday.

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what do you mean by special account? I thought about closing the account and opening a new account but with power of attorney won't he be able to write checks on the new account too?

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Send a signed revocation to end power of attorney to your bank & to his registered address that I have posted in one of his topics here. Your bank manager can help you get it filled out,signed,& notarized. If you believe this is a case of fraud,contact your local police & work with them to file report.You will also want to give copy of police report to the bank handling this account.Good luck in your dealings.

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 07/12/2008 - 17:04

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