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Can someone post some positive DMP success stories(truth)?

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I have been reading pages of discussions, but where are the success stories, not just the what we should do discussions.
I'm 5 mos. in DMP and was wondering.

hi there.
I was in a debt management plan for over a year. They were great, a well known nonprofit company that really did educate me on debt and budgeting in general. Some of my accounts received good interest rates because I was in the plan. To be honest though, it wasn't aggressive enough for my situation. I had over $90K in debt and was in a 5 year plan...and because I was still financially stretched so thin, I ended up using other cards that were not in the program, which obviously defeats the purpose. I finally quit the program and pursued debt settlement. As far as I know, my credit scores did not go down (at least not enough to make a difference) when I was in the program. If I had less debt I would have most likely stayed in it until the end, because there is no risk involved as long as you are with a reputable company.

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