- Are they legal or illegal?

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I live in NJ and from what i understand that the payday loans are prohibited. I have several loans out and are dealing with a few companies for settlements right now. My question is i took out a loan from for 300 i paid 325 just in fees and extenstions (so they say). Now they claim i owe them 700 more dollars and are now calling my refrences to get info on me. i do have complaints in with the ag and bbb but not yet heard anything. Can someone help with this.

Have you sent them the settlement letters? I would continue to stand your ground, and try sending them a cease and desist order, but they don't have to honor it since they are the original creditors, but some do follow it. I would also do a follow up with the AGs office and BBB with your complaints.

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well the calls are coming from credit protection depot not paydaymax themselves, so who should i send the settlement letter to

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also, what is the cease and desist order. is there a templete or something for that. they called my aunt last night and thankfully they got her voicemail, but its still embarrasing for them to call my family

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traci78 traci78

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traci78 welcome to the boards, you can find a cease and desist letter template on my blog site. If you have the address for credit protection depot you need to send them a debt verfication letter also. You can find that template on my blog site also. Good luck and keep posting

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Traci, Credit protection depot is the people who process the payments for this company. Just like my cash now. Their phone number 866-6451661, let me know if you get anywhere with these people. KYSIDE38

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i went on the blog but could not find the letter am i looking in the wrong spot. Please help!!

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Its under Template letters under the title "links" on the right side of the blog

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I just applied for a quick advance due to a current situation, and they took all my info and said sorry, cannot be processed, so I waited and called.
the person I talked to said they can't give out personal info on the account but I verified who I was and gave out my SS# and all the other information they asked for to verify who I was. What a scam, I contacted my bank to let them know and they are investigating it right now.

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I have took out some payday loans, with all intensions of paying them back.meanwhile finacial burdens arrised. i am now getting phone calls
in which I expected, but they will not work with me on paynents. they even faxed my work which is shared with 20 employees. anybody have suggestions on how to get them to work with you?

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