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How can I get out of the mess created by Freedom Debt Relief?

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Hi I have signed with Freedom debt relief and I just had them settle with one of my creditors to keep them from suing me. Now I pay more to the Law firm and my Original amount owed was 4900.00 now with the settlement it is 6900.00 that is just one of my accounts, the rest haven't even been contacted that I am in this program. What a crazy rip-off does anyone know how to get out of the mess they have created for me, should I file bankruptcy or should I ride it out with them??

Ps I thought they could help me and when I started I was close to being behind in payments, but not yet, now it has ballooned into a huge mess.

I would send out a letter asking to withdrawal from the contract. Ask for fees and payments to be returned ASAP. Maybe an attorney would be the best way to go or check out the free consultation offered on this site. (800 602-1579)
Let us know what happens???????..and best wishes, I????????m pulling for you!

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 03/10/2008 - 04:48

mommontoya mommontoya

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Lets clear things up...banks are always going to tell you that they do not work with a debt settlement / consumer counseling / debt management firm - THE COLLECTOR FOR THE BANK WANTS YOUR MONEY (and don't get it wrong, whether it a collector for the bank or a collector at a collection agency, they are performing the same job - COLLECTING on debts).

The FTC is not watching the industry because it's growing and it definitely didn't shut down Ameridebt b/c it grew so fast. The FTC shut down Ameridebt because they were lying and cheating consumers out of money. Period. End of story. They were a consumer credit counseling agency that took money from consumers and did nothing with it. They deceptively advertsied to consumers stating they could save consumers thousands, and did nothing.
You want to know something funny, consumer credit counseling is funded by the major banks. So lets get this straight. The banks, fund CCCS companies, to help "collect" money from consumers who owe them debts. When you cut through all of the smoke and mirrors, CCCS is a glorified version of a collection agency. Intead of calling and harassing consumers, they setup consumers to payback creditors on 4 5 or 6 year plans which really does not effectively eliminate your debt. And then, the bank pays the CCCS company a percentage for every payment that the CCCS company sends to the bank. And who are they really looking out for? You, themselves, or the Bank? You decide.
The debt settlement industry does have its faults. And there are unscrupulous companies as in any industry (look at the mortgage industry and what they are going through - hmmm, those are the same banks that consumers have credit cards with - wonder if there's any connection). The FTC will regulate the industry for these unscrupulous agencies and will deal with them accordingly. That is their primary role.
States don't require that you are represented by an attorney. Banks don't require that you are represented by an attorney. It's a sales pitch, just like you get from the used car dealer down the street from you. While your attorney may have reduced the calls, odds are they will pick up again once your accounts are transfered around from collection agency to collection agency. Hopefully your attorney has experience in settling debts, otherwise you will be in the same situation that you were in previously. Reputable debt settlement companies exist and banks do work with them. Major banks are afraid to admit this because of the fear that they will loose millions of customers with CCCS companies who are continually paying them money.
Banks lobbied to have the Bankruptcy laws changed, to force consumers into CCCS before being eligible for BK. And it did have a slim impact at first, but BK is back on the rise and CCCS companies have not seen the dramatic consumer increase that was expected. Instead, consumers are left with no options, other than do nothing, try to do it on their own, or try to work with a Debt Settlement Company. This is exactly why Debt Settlement Companies exist. They are alternatives to Bankruptcy and CCCS. Hopefully they will be better regulated soon.

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As the Founder of Freedom debt relief, i take offense to a competitor taking 'pot' shots with fake testimonials (as Rise Above Debt Relief did above and in even more eggregious and unethical posts elsewhere).

Anyone that wants to see our customer service statistics (average 99% of calls answered in under 30 seconds in March, and less than 10 seconds of client hold times) or resolution statistics (FDR settled over 3,764 in the past month - how many did our so called competitors resolve?)

We work hard for our clients. Always did, and always will. Call me directly if you have questions.

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I wouldn't have ever thought that companies would go as low as to do something like that!

Sub: #4 posted on Wed, 04/02/2008 - 08:33


I was browsing the postings and noticed that we at Rise Above debt relief are being blamed for posting bogus information. Trust me, we are way too busy helping clients to get out of debt to be doing such a thing. Maybe some of the 105 customers that complained about Freedom Debt Relief to the BBB are actually posting their frustration. All I know, is Rise Above Debt Relief has a $25,000 cash guarantee to save clients 30-60%, a national law firm handling the negotiations, and a payment plan that gets negotiations done faster for the client. No debt relief company comes close. But we absolutely are not fake posting. When customers are complaining, look inward, not at your competitors!!

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As the President and managing partner of a client-focused debt relief company, I also take offense to fake posts. But I'm not sure if they are fake, I just know that no one in my company has time or even cares about Freedom Debt Relief, we are way too busy!! We are very flattered though when reading your obvious fake posts on and other websites about our company because that gives us more publicity and when anyone does their research, well, it's an obvious choice. We do have an open door policy, so if you suspect any false/fake info being posted from Rise Above Debt Relief, we welcome a call/discussion. Otherwise, if these are posted by our happy customers, more power to you guys!!

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i am considering to use debt shield for my credit
card debt. does anyone knows dealt with this company. i will appreciate your help.

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Make sure you do all your research first, as not all debt relief / Settlement companies are the same. I checked the Better Business Bureau and they have at least 26 complaints already, and most unhappy consumers don't take the time to complain, so that is a big red flag. Also the has important information about them concerning their fees and structure.

Also, make sure they go over your budget to see if this program is right for you and you can afford it, explain all the negatives along with the positives, and offer you a guarantee.

I obviously work for a competing firm, but there are plenty of good ones out there along with even more bad ones, so be careful, do your research and you'll be fine.

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Debt Shield is just a 'front-end' organization that sells you (for a commission) on a debt program and then enrolls you with someone else who does the actual program. I would NEVER work with a firm that doesn't both do the consultation and then also handle your case... but you should do what is right for you.

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 04/08/2008 - 23:44


I just recently did a search to research Freedom again. I just want to let you know that so far I have been pleased. you have made this experience a little easier for me. I am glad that you take the time to respond and that you truly seem to care what is happening with my account. Thank you. I would be glad to give statement for others to read to let them now that Freedom does help.

Thanks again!


Sub: #10 posted on Wed, 04/09/2008 - 06:00


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