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What should i do if i am having $80 and $90 being taken out of my account every paycheck from MTE Financial Debits?? I did get a payday loan from CashNETUSA but they actually have a website and i can track my loan there. What should i do about this MTE thing??

MTE Financial is Rio Resources.

Lots of people are coming up with similar queries. How much have you taken the loan from them? And how much is paid so far. Check with your state laws and know the legal charges the pdl is to charge legally. If you have paid in excess, you will be able to explain the situation to your bank. They will block them from doing further debits and dispute the excessive amount for a refund.

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Flying Cats Flying Cats

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How did this company get my information though to take money out of my account?? I don't ever remember doing any other payday loans with any company other than CashNETUSA??

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CashnetUSA is the same as MTE

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Are you sure CashnetUsa is the same as MTE Financial? CashnetUSA is licensed in most states and the only other name they go by that I'm aware of is "The Check Giant" or "The Giant Check." CashnetUSA follows the payday lending laws as far as how much interest they charge. I know for a fact they do here in Ohio.

I could be wrong, but I don't think they are the same.

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Nope I stand corrected , I am working with someone over IPDL and confused myself. No Cashnetusa is not MTE. My apologies

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I had a loan with tendollarday pdl and when they started debiting my account it was MTE financial. When I reviewed my contract online I noticed the company was also listed as MTE financial. Is there anyway for you to look at the contract online. If you can look for the the DBA name at the top. It should list the DBA names at the top. If MTE is not listed as a DBA for CashnetUSA and you have no other pdl's, I would contact the bank for more follow up information.

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I'm trying to find my account and the bank debit says
MTE Financial. I got a cash advance for $300.00 and so far I've Been debited $49.95 and $90.00. I want to see if I'm getting ripped off. And so far it seemed
that way. If no response to this I will stop payment on this debit. I need a response as of like yeaterday.

Lynda Hruzek
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April 5th deposited
Around the 2-4 applied

I'm not pleased with this, but that's what I get from
doing this online. I need you to find my account and
email now.

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ldhruzek ldhruzek

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:?: On my bank statement there are four payment from mte financial $90, $30, $100 and $200 cannot find out any thing about this and cannot find any thing to write to mte financial kind of wondering why mte financial isnt listed on any of the pay day loan. So how do i get information about this.

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Hi Allene,

MTE is Rio Resources and they do use other names as well. You can do a search on the forums to find other their other names. The list is pretty long. A lot of us here have had problems with them. Here is their contact information. Some of the names they go by is One Click Cash, US Fast Cash? Do you have any internet payday loans out?

MTE Financial Services
515 G S.E.
Miami, OK 74355
Telephone: (866) 213-0268

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