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Do you consolidate medical bills?

We do not consolidate anything. We are a forum dedicated to helping people in debt. Being that you are a registerd member, you are entitled to a free consultation that will help you in deciding what is te proper direction for you to go in. Please call the number at the right of the screen .

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kashzan kashzan

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Hi, last year I racked up over $1000 in medical debt. Recently collection agencies have been calling and sending letters, however I just had a baby and cannot afford to pay. Are there any assistance programs or anything to lower my bills and get them paid off?

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I would suggest you try and work out some kind of payment. A hospital I dealt with had recently sold my debt to a collection agency who then in turn turned it over to a Law Firm for collection. They are very difficult to work with. I had a civil summons served and had to go to court over $680.00!!!!! It appears that if you owe "smaller" bills the creditors are now going through small claims court in order to collect. I tried working something out with them and even sent a $100.00 faith money to keep it from going to court but they proceeded and used my money for "court costs". I would send whatever you can toward your medical bill and let them know your situation before it gets out of hand.

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