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I have a matrimonial judgement that is non-dischargeable in bankruptcy against my ex. He was to make monthly payments to me until it was paid in full. He only made 3 payments. My ex started working as a carpenter for himself and showed on his taxes every year he lost money. When I consulted an attorney I was told I had to wait for him to have an asset before I could enforce the judgement. As a result I had to file bankruptcy because I didn't have the payments from him to pay off the matrimonial debt and I was told they bankruptcy court took the judgement as an asset. Recently my ex started working full time with a regular weekly paycheck. I inquired with the court clerk to see if the judgement was still open so I could garnish his wages. It was still open, however, I was told by the court clerk to see if it needed to be renewed because of it's age. Since the bankruptcy court did not take this judgement is it still valid? Do I need to get it renewed?

You might not be able to get it is now 13 years old. If the statute of limitations for judgments has passed in your state, you may not be able to get it renewed. What state do you live in? Generally, you need to renew the judgment prior to the SOL expiring.

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