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Has anyone heard of or dealt with Liberty Financial Advisors in Villa Park, IL. The web site is I can't tell if they are legit or not. Thanks.

The BBB seems to think it is a scam.

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I clicked on this post out of curiosity & found out what I did not know. Thank You.

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YES, I have dealt with Liberty Financial Advisors this pass summer ans YES it is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are NOT located in Illinois. This is not a real loan office. It is not a real loan company. Do not send them any money. I am in Maryland and I have filed formal charges against the company. I am a single mom who was just trying to get ahead and provide for myself and my kids and was scammed out of $1500.00 which was to secure a loan through this company that I borrowed from family members. I have filed a complaint with Money Gram, Walmart, Western Union, MD Federal Trade Commission, BBB and with the MD State and Canadian Police Department and I was interview by our local TV station about this scam. I was told that I would not be able to get any of the money back as well. Oprah just did a show on scams yesterday that has provided lots of helpful information . Check out her website. I just happened to find out too late. If you need a loan for any reason, go to a bank. :twisted: :x :x :x

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They charged us 900 for the first 3 mo. and then 300+ for ea. mo. after that to do a debt settlement, this was their fee on top of the money we had to send that would go into escrow to pay the creditors. 6 mo. later they tell us the creditors wouldn't settle. They refunded the money in escrow but not the 3600 that was their fee for doing NOTHING!!!!

I swallowed my pride and asked my little brother who is a litigation attorney to help me against these people. His wife is a district attorney and they are going to investigate who the players are and then go from there. These fuckers need to go to prison just like every other asshole that wants take money from people who barely can afford to eat. How would they like it if somebody took the last bit of coin from their pockets promising them hope and giving them shit. IF THERE IS A CURSE OUT THERE IT NEEDS TO GO TO THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILIES.



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I live in Canada. They called me telling me that they would lower my interest rate on my visa. I told them that I was busy and to call back in 20 minutes, but before I hung up I asked if they were calling from the Royal Bank. They said "Yes we are calling about your RBC visa". I hung up, then thought about it and called the number that they called from back. They answered the phone "Liberty Financial". I told them I didnt know where they got my information from but that they needed to take me off their list. They said that they would and I hung up, after which I got thinking about it more and got even more pissed off, so I tried to call them back to ask where they got my information from, and when I called it said that the number wasnt in service, even though I had just called it and they had called me from the same number. I am wondering if I should be worried that they have my visa information.....

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I too live in Canada and got a call to lower interest rates on cards. How is it that this company or person can have credit card information, including balances without authorization. I too worry about what can happen like identity theft etc

Sub: #6 posted on Tue, 07/20/2010 - 21:25


I live in a small city in Saskatchewan, Canada and got a call from Liberty Financal offering me a lower interest rate also on my RBC (Royal BanK of Canada) Visa Card a few weeks ago. Since I was on my way out I asked if I could find them on the web? I was doing some online banking today & thought I should look into setting up a plan to pay off my credit card debt because the interest is so high- and was shocked to see all the warnings of this and other scams that came up! Anyway in the past few months I have been called by several other suspicious "financial groups", one which said they would take credit card reward points in exchange for a tropical vacation, and all of them pretended to be associated with RBC & knew my name, my address, my phone number obviously, and that I have a Visa creditcard. I think the RBC should explain why this should be! PS You know when you call your bank or credit card company & they ask you for your birthday and what your account number is? Even though they have it on their computer I am even starting to feel uneasy about who I'm really talking to.

Sub: #7 posted on Sun, 09/26/2010 - 10:29


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