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I can't even begin to describe the number of entities that I have spoken with in an attempt to end the annoying phone calls, and the campaign of harassment that my debt colectors have been engaged in. A friend of mine recommended attorney Matthew Dolman of Berman, Dolman & Berman, P.A., who was able to effectively put an end to the phone calls and letters, and began going after the debt collectors one by one for violations of a federal statute known as the fdcpa and the FCRA. It still shocks my mind that a single attorney could completely change my situation. I am almost (have 10k left) out of debt (started with over 60k that he negotiated down) and have even made a little bit of money as a result of his lawsuits.

I would reccomend these good folks to anyone...

You can reach Matt at (941)961-9669

I have nothing but positive feeback for attorney Dolman.......He is a bit too intense (obviosuly why he is so effective) and energetic for my liking. However, I was impressed with the fact that he accomplished exactly what he stated he would in a relatively short period of time (3-4 months). I found that his most positvie attribute was his patience and ability to explain the intracacies of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in terms that made it easy for a layperson like myself to understand. I am not sure how he handles three offices (Boca, Clearwater and Sarasota) and seems to be spread somewhat thin at times. However, I cannot argue with the results.

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I am in Clearwater and I think I may just look into him. How does he charge?
I advise people all the time to get an attorney but they all say they can't afford one.
Yet they wind up paying someone elses on top of the debt.

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I believe Matt charges a contingency fee on fdcpa or FCRA cases.....I am fairly certain that the statute requires the debt collector to pay the debtor's attorney fees should he orshe prevail.. In regards to debt negotiation, he stated at our consulation that he attemptes to get the debt down to 30-50% of the original debt and has the client pay him a portion of what he saved. Thus, the client is still paying less than 60-65% of their original debt and with much of the derogatory information removed. He first negotiates the debt down, then goes after the creditors after validating the debt if they violated the statute

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I am usually hesitatnt to recommend anyone based on the scumbags that perpetuate this area of business and prey on debtors. However, I used Matt as my attorney when he was at his previous firm, and he was a huge help. He will tell you right off the bat that he is not a miracle worker and makes few promises (that is how you know he is for real)........

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Thanks for the info! I have to look closer at my situation and see if I need an attorney or not.

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Is this the same as Ellis, Ged, Dolman & Berman P.A. in Florida?

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rstimson rstimson

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I called the number and reached him on his cell. He was extremely receptive! I will let you know how it goes!

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I talked with Mat on July 7, 2008 for about three hours and I was very impressed with everything about him. I have been helping people for over three years with debt collection and debt reporting issues. Not to blow my own horn here but I do think of myself as some what of an expert. For somebody to impress me takes some doing on their part. Without a doubt Mat did impress me. My day started yesterday at 5:00AM and the day went down hill from that point on. I met up with Mat at his Clearwater office at 4:30 in the afternoon. My discussion with Mat was very up lifting. Talking with Mat was actually the high point of my day. I love what I do and to say the least its refreshing talking with somebody about this stuff that I feel is an equal to me.

Responding to one of the posts I see here Mat does charge on a contingency fee basis on fdcpa or FCRA cases. And yes the statute does allow for the attorney to be paid by the collection agency.

One high point I found in talking with Mat yesterday. Most attorneys I've talked to and I have talked to several the past three years have told me this. They only want cases that are major violations such as abusive tactics. Mat informed me he would take any violations of the FDCPA. That I find very refreshing.

After talking with Mat yesterday I would not hesitate a second to recommend him to anybody.

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