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My fiance and I are 60-90 days behind on our credit cards, a payday type loan and over drafted on 2 bank accounts. Does your company negotiate late charges and over the limit fines. for debt consolidation.

Hello uir567 and welcome to the community. :) I think you have the name of this community confused with a debt consolidation company. This community is dedicated to helping people get out of debt with advice from experts and experienced members. Hope that clears it up for you. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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debt consolidation would be a good choice if all of your accounts were current right now. At this time it would be best to negotiate settlements on your credit cards.

The PayDay type loan and the overdrafted bank accounts I????m not sure if you can negotiate settlements on them, I hope someone else with experience on that can help out!

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pemperandgartle pemperandgartle

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Dear Uir567 ,

I agree with Shazzers that you must have confused us as a debt consolidation company. We are a community where people meet and discuss to become debt free.

But you can definitely get a Free Counseling from our financial expert in HERE.



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phoenix phoenix
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do not respond to the above spam post.after looking up the
phone# on his previous spams.he is in the UK.,think GFS,BIG,and

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paulmergel paulmergel
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