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About 2-3 yrs ago I purchased a car and my uncle was a co signer since I didn't have any credit at all. About 5 months later my uncle died of a heart attack I continued to pay my monthly payments as I was doing in the beginning, and now its 2 years later and the car is still not paid off and it was braking down on me so I went to get it traded in for a new vehicle and to take my uncles name off of the other one. They asked for a death certificate and I provided that, well then the car dealership asked for the executor of the will to sign a release paper so she wont pay (shes my uncles daughter) and she's refusing to sign. The dealers is telling me to take the old car to her and tell her that its her responsibility. What can I do so she can sign this paper!! I need this out of the way

Does it negatively impact her at all if she signs? I can think of a few options as follows:

1. Pay her to sign.
2. Sue her in small claims court.
3. Threaten to let the car get repoed which will go back on the estate and therefore make her responsible for the full balance due. (This will negatively impact you also but she may not know that)
4. Ask the lendor if you can get the co-signer removed via death certificate only.

The big question is if your uncle is on the title as well as the loan. If he is on the title then technically the estate has as much right to your car as you do. It might only have the bank on the title though and then list you two on the loan.

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It sounds as if his daughter is being unreasonable and I personally would take the hard road with her and threaten to let the car be repoed and then sent to the estate and have the estate settle it. That is just what I would do if it were me. Perhaps if she truly believes that you will do this she will realize that all she needs to do is sign her name on the dotted line.

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