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I have about 1500 dollars in debt can u help me?

You really don`t have enough debt to really do a dmp or settlement which is actually a good thing. You might want to speak with a counselor hear and see what suggestions they might have to help. 800-601-1579 :D

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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It doesn't seem to me to be a lot of debt. I think you can take care of this debt by yourself. You just have to follow certain steps. First of all, you have to assess your current financial condition. Now, if you have multiple debts, then decide which one you want to make payment first. Now, make a budget on the basis of the before mentioned points. Please don????????t make any new debt. Now, contact your creditors and notify them about the financial problem you are in and consequently the problems you????????re facing to pay-off the debt. Now, try to negotiate with them.

If you still find difficulty in paying off the debt, then you can get help from professional counselors.

As Mobile said, you can definitely take free counseling from our community????????s professional counselor.

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phoenix phoenix
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The others have given you some good advice. Can you tell us the following?

1. what type of debt this is, such as pay day loans, credit cards-secured or unsecured debt?

2. Are the debts with the original creditors, or with collection agencies?

3. Are the debts current, or have they defaulted

4. What state do you live in?

This will give us a little more info to direct you to the right direction..Let us know what happens, good luck!!..karen :D

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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