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Has anyone had any luck with a debt consolidation company? I am looking to just get rid of my credit card debt. Do these typically work and do the credit card company's typically work with them or do they harrass you still. Any help appreciated!

Go up above and click on the ranking chart. They are ranked by consumer satisfaction and arranged by state!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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debt consolidation companies can work if a consumer is looking to manage all of their debts into one, montly, easy-to-pay program. Credit card companies do work with debt consolidation companies and can be a convenient way to manage your finances. Typically, you will pay back the total amount of the debt you owe.

debt settlement could also be a good option for you, if you qualify. Typically, if you have $10,000. or more in credit card debt, you can be a candidate for debt settlement. Credit card companies also work with debt settlement companies, escpecially if the client is havign trouble paying the minimumm monthly payments. Some debt settlement companies can lower the amount you pay back to your creditors by 30-50% and can do so in 12-36 months.

I guess my advice would be to investigate all options before deciding on one debt relief option. Everyone has a different financial situation and it's important to have all the facts before deciding on any particular one.

Good luck!


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amcshane amcshane

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Be very careful as there many predator debt settlement and consolidation companies out there. They have fees that take up more money than they are paying. Consolidation is generally better than settlement as it does not hurt your credit score nearly as much. If you can get a reputable law firm that handles consolidation you will be in good shape. read the home page to see why!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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