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I have received a couple phone calls from a RORY from ROVO and associates who works with Frontier Financial Group. He states that I need to pay 3899 in full or I will be sued for my paying my best buy bill. This is the first time I have heard from anything having to do with my best buy account for 3 months. I just paid $180 on it in January and now they are telling me I am being sued because I defaulted on a credit card. They said they sent me a letter but I did not receive one and they sent me an e-mail, but it is very vague and telling me something completely different than the guy on the phone was telling me. I have looked online and most people tell me frontier financial group is a phony and just trying tog et your money, I just want to do what is right. Should I contact the original credit I was working with and figure this out because coughing up money to a company I am not sure of. They also have a D+ rating with the BBB.
Any advice would be great! Thank you.

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You should contact your original creditor and ask him whether he has assigned the account to FFG associates. This will help you know whether FFG really holds your account. Alternatively, you should ask them to send you a debt validation letter. If you don't receive the letter, then you should send a Cease and Desist letter to them and request them to cease communicating with you. To know more about how to deal with FFG associates, take a look at the following page:

http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/collection-agencies/ ffgassociates.html

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The same thing happened to me! I have an old credit card that had a $300 balance on it. It's now nearly $700 in fees. I don't know where the fees came from. I asked for debt verification and they sent me a threatening email stating that they would sue me if I didn't pay within a week. I have heard five different stories from this company. First they threatened to sue me if I didn't pay the full amount within 48 hours. Then they said I had until the end of this month. This week I received a settlement offer via postal mail and when I called to ask about it, they said it had been mailed out in error and they wouldn't accept the offer unless I paid it right then. (The letter stated I had 30 days) I won't have the money to pay until two weeks from now and am willing to pay, but they said I can't wait until then because they will sue me if I don't pay today. Ugh. I'm so stressed over this. I have other bills that need to be paid as well and every single other creditor is understanding. I never should have gotten this CC. Loss of job and health issues caused me to be unable to pay, but they are treating me as though I'm a dead-beat loser that chooses not to pay. I told them that I wanted to pay, and am planning on paying in two weeks. Nope...they won't take that-needs to be today. I am beyond frustrated. I don't have the energy to deal with this.

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This is all odd to me....Do they do loans of some sort because I keep getting calls stating I have a check there and I'm afraid to call back... There is just way to much fraud out these days and that's what I think this company is.

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