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This forum is great. I am so glad I found it. You all are a wealth of information.

I am current on my bills (well, not 30 days late but a few days--which still counts as late but hopefully not as damaging as 30 days). Anyhow, the time has come where I can't make all the payments. I have decided to do one of two things:
1. Do a dmp with Freedom Debt Mgmt for two cards in my name only (although I would be starting with Amex already 30 days late)
2. Settle on my Amex (again, in my name only) and leave my other personal card alone if permitted

I am trying to not affect my husband's credit score therefore I am choosing to not pay or pay VERY late on my personal Amex instead of our joint accounts or his personal ones.

Anyhow, how do we know if a company is reputable? Like I just posted about State Farms Financial, it looked good on the site but there is a possibility they just copied the proper logos so we would be fooled.

It's bad enough that I am considering settling. But I don't want to get completely screwed either.

Advice is very welcomed.

I'm struggling with who to choose as a debt settlement company too. Secondly....I don't think you'll do real well if you try to be selective in which credit cards to pay.....just my opinion though..

wish you the best of luck....remember 1 thing......other people are way worse off than you......and I don't mean financially....I mean their health......

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Look the company up on the BBB. Make sure they have a solid reputation.That is the first step .

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