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My husband just received a summons recently for a $1600 debt through Citibank filed by Frederick Hanna. We are not sure about the debt to begin with, though if we actually owe it we'd like to settle if possible. The guy serving it said go to the magistrate within 30 days to fight/explain our situation and chances are no one will show up for the other side. My husband has tried calling countless times without reaching anyone and no call back. What should we do? Obviously we don't want a default judgment against us.

At first your husband should give a reply to the court summons. He will have to present on the court hearing date. Otherwise the court will issue a judgment against you.

TRANSLATION...Answer the summons and show up in court on the hearing date. - SOAPLADY

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Tyler Tyler

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while spaceblank is must respond to the court clerk that you intend to request validation during not try to contact hanna further as this is what they do.they wait for your response to the court clerk.then they will contact you.respond asap.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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In addition to what yo were told, send Hanna a Notice saying you elect arbitration pursuant to the cardmember agreement, and include in your answer an affirmative defense that states the complaint can only be litigated through arbitration. If you do not promptly initiate arbitration with JAMS, Citi may initiate it with AAA, which is more bank-friendly forum. It's a course of action worth taking only if you're prepare to learn a lot and search for answers yourself. But it's usually very rewarding.

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