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I have been trying to reach James Lombardo of Sifxpert for two days because we wanted to sign on with him. We can't get him to e-mail back. Does he work with other people? I have heard good things about him but can't imagine how he operates a business when he won't return e-mails from prospective clients. It has been very frustrating.

Why are you wanting to do business with someone who won't return your calls ? There are other good company's out there you can shop with . Century Negotiations , Superior debt relief , New Beginnings debt settlement to name a few. Shop around with lots of companys and be sure to look them up on the BBB.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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I had the same problem. It has been almost a month since I first e-mailed him, he responded once and never again since. I think I am going to go with Superior Debt, they seem like a pretty good straightforward company to do business with.

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I've had email correspondence with him several times over the last 2 weeks. Sending off the agreement papers today.


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Why would he e-mail SOME people, several times, and not return OTHER people's e-mail at all? Or.return calls? Sounds crazy to me.

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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He has his own forum you might want to check there.

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tysun.dostie tysun.dostie

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Why does this guy carry a "F" rating from the BBB in spite of zero complaints? I am curious why anyone would do business with a person who is unreachable.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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I'll tell you whats crazy, there are people on this board who constantly rag on this guy without offering up any solid evidence or proof that he is bad at what he does. Accusations that there are people planting messages for him etc. In my opinion, if this board is worth its space on the web, why doesn't a MODERATOR get to the bottom of this and check IP addresses to see if the postings are coming from the same place (I'm in Chicago by the way) This can be easily done and would help people looking to do business with this guy. Also, maybe try and call the guy up? Find out if sifxpert is the real deal. Offer some help to your community instead of being typical internet message board whiners and sitting around and complaining all day long. When someone posts a success story, they get bashed.... whatever. I made my choice and guess I'll be gambling with a $500 retainer fee. I have a couple AMEX accounts that need to be fixed. If this is successful, I WILL post a message here for everyone who deserves an unbiased honest opinion. If the guy screws me over, I'll post that as well.

Am I skeptical right now? Sure. How could you not be with all the negative propoganda here. But, I'd be skeptical with any settlement company right now. debt settlement is the dark underbelly of the credit world. It's just shame that there is no un-biased place to go for honest information.

Go ahead, flame away. Just keep in mind you'd be better served researching your own debt solutions than ripping apart this post. Personally I hate internet message boards and gave them up a long time ago. Just figured I'd chime in here to offer another opinion on this to those that are having trouble sifting through the lack of info on settlement companies.


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gee madawg,did we offend?i too am in illinois and find your post the biggest oxy-moron i have seen yet today.i gave up chat boards but will go on rant against you guys and your you get negative,cajun,mobile,and the others go by the BB.he has an F rating.tells me all i need to know.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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He e-mailed me quite a bit over the weekend but will not answer me this week. I have called and faxed him. Yes, I am leery and this is not a good way to do business.

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I have been told that all ds companies in CA have an F rating with the BBB because of the unethical doings of a San Diego based company. They are punishing all the companies for the actions of one of I am told

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