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I would like to know if anyone has found more information on emblem mastercard credit card program, and if they are legitimate. So far the information is really vague and simply not very helpful. I received an offer to pay an amount, then they pay an amount, then I receive a credit card through Monterey County Bank. Email me please at
email deleted per TOS rules.paulmergel with any new information. Thanks.

Emblem Mastercard credit card program is a scam pure and not do it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I was offer the same deal and then I got a letter from another collection agent trying to collect the same debt. I have already paid them a $120.00.

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If it doesn't feel right to you...don't do it. The fact that you aren't getting ALL of the information you need says it all to me. Don't let your desperation to settle your debt speak louder than your's one of the hardest things to do in this type of situation but you'll be glad you didn't do it.

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debrag_25 debrag_25

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Hey i received the same thing in the mail and it is no scam. I did my invesigation on my emblem mastercard

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I have a similar program to that of Emblem mastercard with another credit card. It went very well and is almost paid off, plus they have been giving me new credit and increasing this as I make my payments on time, etc. So I guess I wasn't as doubtful about this when I received it for another card debt from a different card, but is from the same bad time in my history. I had written several letters to the collection company on the card requesting any kind of plan similar to what Capitol1 had arranged. Then I finally got this offer. I am making the payments, but they have such odd hours, it is hard to get through to make the payments. I'm curious to see how trustworthy they are. I have a record of all of my payments and have no difficulty in fighting for my rights with the credit report companies and collection agencies. I've gotten many things removed that I have record. I will let you know in six months how I feel about this company.

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Ok, I got this offer where I owed "x" company $310. Emblem offer me a chance to pay a fraction of the actual debt, they'd be courteous enough to "knock off" $110, and the remaining balance would be xfrd to an Emblem Mastercard issued by MB&T to help me re establish my credit. I made EVERY payment requested of me on time(no, i'm not exagerrating either). They turned around and told me i "didn't" qualify after all and they reported it to Equifax and now registers as a blemish dropping my credit score even further to a saddening 645. If your serious about clearing any debt, call the company you originally went in the red with and see if they can help you establish a payment plan. Again, just speaking from my experience.

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Tony, thanks for your input on this. We're seeing this Emblem mastercard credit card program popping up a lot here lately, and they are apparently owned by Jefferson Capital, which is a debt collector.

Myself, I'd be highly suspicious of any debt collector that was offering me a credit card!

I understand you're upset that your score dropped - but look on the bright side - most of us here would love to have the score you have, so you're actually not in bad shape!

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I used my emblem mastercard and haven't had a problem. My debt is paid and now I have a credit card that I pay off every month.

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I have emblem mastercard to an haven't had a problem.

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I have been with Emblem Mastercard for 3 yrs and I do not see where people are saying its a scam. They help restore my credit and now I have a credit card and they have been very FAIR with me. If you have a problem with them I really don't know why BUT I am very happy with THEM.

Sub: #10 posted on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 14:28


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