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I was recently served with a summons from nathan and nathan p.c.(can anyone tell me about them). What i was wanting to know is, once served with a summons, has anyone been able to work out a deal with discover?, and get the summons called off. Also, it says, that is from the acct manager of dfs services llc. Are they a collection agency for discover? How do i handle this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Im petrified as i have never been in this situation before. Also the discover card person that was calling thought my son, was the "man" of the house, and told him i was behind on my payments and could he authorize payments. I didnt think they were allowed to do that. My name is the only name on the acct. I also asked them to give me to tax time and i could make a big payment to get caught up. They told me they didnt bargain like that and i shouldnt call a debt relief program either because they didnt deal with them. Again, thanks for all reply's

IMO you need to call up the law firm if you're interested in a outside the court settlement. Since you're served, you should prepare a reply for the summons. You can check the following link for assistance regarding filing your answer.

"http://www.nedap.org/hot line/settle.html"

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