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Hi, i have decided to do settlement but not sure which co. to go with. I have heard abt Debtxpert positive results and thinking abt doing the settlement w/ him. I've checked on BBB and the rating is F and i think he is not a BBB member. Read some negative feedback here abt him make me confused.
I need more info or recommendation on settlement co. I really appreciate it. Thank you ! :roll:

I know that this site also offers professional helps in debt consolidation and debt settlement programs. You can let them know if you need help in finding the right solution for you.

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tweetyturner tweetyturner

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The post below is what convinced me to go with debtxpert. If you look at the BBB report, he has no complaints and there is a positive review on his company. I read another post here where someone else said that all debt companies are given an F rating by default. If you look online you will find plenty of good information about him. He is the only negotiator actually that has been given favorable feedback. The only way to determine if his program is a viable solution is to contact him and see what he can do for you. He will give you estimates and time length for your program. His analysis is based on your situation. Anyone else I contacted gave the same explanation and responded in a vague manner when asked questions as if they knew the truth but sugar coated their responses each time. I suggest contacting him with a list of your debts and see how he responds. The post below can be found in the success stories forum:

This board was where I started my research into debt options (I made a few guest posts as Cruithne), so I thought that now that I am debt-free I would come back and return the favor of sharing my experiences. If this is as much a review as a story, that is because I remember how starved for information I was when I was trying to research the different settlement companies. If you have any questions that my rather verbose post doesn't cover, I'll be happy to answer here or in PM.

Short Version:

Long Version

The Good:

The Bad:

P.S. Being debt-free and paying everthing with awesome. OMG. I randomly break out into a sh*t-eating grin at the oddest moments.

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As a member of this community, you can sign up for a free consultation with a professional. That would be my starting place.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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Did I mention that it'sfree?......

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unclewulf unclewulf
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I went with Rise above debt relief... It's all so scary... I feel like a failure.

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I say stay away....

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DO NOT USE THIS GUY. Read the posts about Sifxpert and James is the same person. Basically, he is scamming people left and right and does not respond to his clients for weeks and months. Research the above and go with a reputable COMPANY...not an individual who will not be working in your best interest.

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