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Credit Solutions Lawsuit - Is this company a scam?

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Check this out. Credit Solutions of America has the worst reputation in the debt settlement industry and have over 1400 complaints with the BBB. Guess what ? Now they are getting sued . Its about time these scum bags get whats coming to them.

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I too have been scammed somewhat by Credit Solutions. I paid them nearly 2000.00 to help me clear 4 accounts dating back to july of 2009. I must say that 3 of the accounts have been cleared. I would have been satisfied with their results, even though no one told me of the tax consequence involved and that the destruction of my credit would be so severe.
Fast forward to the present, and the one remaining account that I have to resolve, is with Capital One. I have some money to send them, but can not get anyone from Credit Solutions to answer a phone or return a call or e-mail. Meanwhile this account has gone from a 2000.00 debt to a 3000.00 debt, and increasing daily.
Credit Solutions have also charged me nearly 2000.00 for their services. Please tell me what to do to be part of the lawsuit against them so that I can maybe get some of my money back from them. If I could sue them for the aggravation and disgust that they have caused me, I would gladly do that too. I thought people from Texas were supposed to be nice....these people are thieves. I have read some of the many complaints against them, and how they have been ripping off people.....and all I can say is that they should be glad that Texas is on the other side of the country from me,,, or they would be getting a personal visit!!!

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I am wanting to know if there is any attoreny that is planing on doing a Class action against this company. My sister has lost so much on april 29th 2011 she killed herself and now that I have been looking at this company more there would have been no way that they were there to help her with her house, There would have been a papper that she did not have and she was faxing and making payments and then they told that she had not made a payment in over a year but I have the proof of her making the payments up in til Dec 2010. This comapny should be put out of bussiness .. My E-Mail is [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]< br />
Thanks once again RCS you should be put out of bussiness and never allowed to work with home owners ever again. You were out for my sister house from day 1...

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This company took my money...and didnt do a THING they said they were going to do and now I am totally in a hole that I am praying I can pull myself out of! I cant contact them, and have no idea where this debt is to even start to be able to fix it. If anyone knows of anything I can do to get these jerks, I would be most grateful! :(

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Hi. I am working on filing a class action against CS and if you would like to be included or become involved you can contact me directly at [EMAIL=""]< a href="">[/E MAIL], (413) 525-3820. Thank you. Angela Edwards, Esq.

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angelaedwards angelaedwards

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where can i join the class action law suit against credit solution,i live in st louis missouri

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Originally Posted byAnonymous
Yeah...its a scam! I worked there for 1 year... The FBI came in...If people only knew the TRUTH about crooked CSA!

so let's hear it...?

I know it's a joke because I used the service. Can't believe the kind of games people who work there play. I was young but not an idiot. It took me a month but with good notes and refusing to back down, I got a refund. People who work for CSA are complete low lives.

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CSA is very much a scam. I know because I worked there!

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Yeah...its a scam! I worked there for 1 year... The FBI came in...If people only knew the TRUTH about crooked CSA!

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Credit Solutions has screwed my family and I for over $9000 telling us that in 3 years we could be debt free. From the onset Discover said they would not work with Credit Solutions and I was wasting my time. But Credit Solutions told us that would happen and just keep forwarding the calls to them. Well 13 months later we have judgement against us and Credit Solutions is off the hook with the $9000+ we gave them. Is there a class action lawsuit against Credit Solutions because we would love to be part of one.

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1600 complaints out of 200,000 clients.. that's less than 1% of their total clients that have ever complained. AND all of them have been resolved is what it shows on the BBB... that's a good track record.

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