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I've been enrolled into debt settlement program for over the past 2 months. I have recently uncovered some complaints regarding the legitimacy of their service. I am unsure if my choice of debt settlement agency was wrong or if I am on the right track to financial settelement. Can you help?

hard to say

i'm enrolled too, three months in.

great thing for me though is that i have a real lawyer, too, because were unable to settle my discover account. Even though they told me that if a program doesn't settle with them, they drop them.... i found out when discover's collectors started throwing out litigation threats that discover hadn't done ANY settlements with credit solutions for a good month or two before i even signed up. and now it has become this huge ordeal to get them to remove my discover account from what I pay every month (they do offer a settlement guarantee in the contract you signed). It takes them about five minutes to draw up the contract and about five weeks to change it.

to do all over again... i'd do one of the debt settlement places where they have legal professionals that work in there.. i actually got a call from after i was in the program for about four weeks telling me if i didn't pay discover in full they (discover's collectors) would sue me.

so, take that for what it is worth. i'd be happy to chat privately about my dealings with them as well.

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suzzie suzzie

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Sam, do you want to discuss the matter with another settlement company other than and know the problem areas. I guess you can take care of the matter if you put a new proposal to a different company. If things sound well, you can cancel the contract with the previous company and work with the new one. Remember, you must have your contract in writing so that it helps during times of disputes.

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BuildingWealth BuildingWealth

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if you sign up with a settlement company and discover finds out they will sue you ASAP !!! they know they will never get any money from you so they take early action .They dont work with consoldators and if they do they settlement amount will be very high .Here is how it works lets say you decide to sign up with a settlement company .You are only 30 days behind settlement companies ( ) dont make payments they store your money until it is time to setttle on the debt .Meantime your account will go 60,90,120,150,180,210 days behind and reflect this way on your credit at 210 days + you will charge off this is an r9 for 7-10 years .It is mandatory for the company .So if you tell them you are with a settlement company they will most likely take you to court .Here is the thing settlement companies change your address to theirs and request a cease and desist letter and change your phone # to their office # you will never know if you are being sued until it is to late.You signed over a POA so good luck with that

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I signed up with and discover was one of my cards. They walked me through a phone call with them and they at least started to work with me.

now were in thank goodness I dodged that bullet.

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paraglide001 paraglide001

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Hi all.....Just read everyones comments on and I am now very upset. I just finished signing up with them....Was this a bad choice?????
If anyone out there has had "GOOD RESULTS" with them please comment. Does anyone know the cancel policy????
thanks!!!!!! Kathy in New York :( :( :(

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Credit Solutions Complaints: Has anyone seen credit solutions BBB rating?? They ARE NOT MEMBERS, Nor do they have a good rating... I have copied and pasted directly from the bbb website...

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Anyone in credit solutions needs to place a STOP PAYMENT on them. I did, and it was the best thing I could have done.

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I think they are legit. I have NOT had one harassing phone call from a creditor NOR have I received any bills from the cards I handed over to, so they must have done SOMETHING!

But three months in I am still very nervous about their customer service. They were all over me to get me to sign up but as soon as I did, I lost any contact with a personal rep and have to speak with people who are essentially operators, now. I have not seen one letter or notice they say they've sent, I can't get them to cc me on anything. Also, they say they check my savings acct. to make sure I'm saving settlement money but they never asked me for my account number... eek.

I am sticking with it b/c otherwise I'll lose the fee I've already paid them but I also have an attorney so if this goes bad, I'm protected.

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Thanks for all the good info on I am so glad folks will share this. We are still looking to do this and pick a company to do it with. Thanks again. We will steer clear of this one!

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lisaawilliamson lisaawilliamson

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I enrolled in earlier this year. Nine months later I am being sued by Chase. Initially, I had no problem getting a hold of someone, now it's difficult at times and they would put me on hold for a long time. Told me to pay up the large lump sum asap cause they can't do anything for me. I am going to cancel and stop payment, then file bankruptcy, which I should've done sooner.

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