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I am doing some past research from last year and was curious if anyone can tell me anything about a company creditprotection loan. That is how the debit came across by bank statements. I am trying to figure out who in the heck that was. Hopefully someone can help me out. There is no phone number either.

Still, I didn't find any information about this company. Did you ask your bank for information about this company? Since the debits are done regularly by the company, you must know where your money is actually going. At present, I can only assume if this is going to some unidentified place that does not have your account details but your checking account information. You need to take care of this matter.

Sub: #1 posted on Sat, 07/22/2006 - 03:13

anthony anthony

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Credit Protection Depot is who debited my bank account for a loan that I got through Discount Advances; however, I believe that there are many other names that they also use. I was able to call Credit Protection Depot directly at 866-645-1661.

Here is the address and fax that I have:

Credit Protection Depot, Inc.
4601 West Sahara Ave., Suite 1
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Fax: 866-645-1662

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kswesterman kswesterman

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Were you looking for Credit Protection Depot or Credit Protection Loan?

If it is Credit Protection Depot, they work for the collections of MyCashNow.

Check this thread< /a> html

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 07/22/2006 - 03:30

anthony anthony

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I think that Credit Protection Depot and Credit Protection Loan are one and the same. My account was debited as Credit Protection Loan, but when I called Credit Protection Depot they confirmed that they handled my loan through Discount Advances.

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 07/24/2006 - 18:37

kswesterman kswesterman

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Thank you all for your help. I think it is Credit Protection Depot - one in the same as Credit Protection loan for my cash now. They are no longer debiting my account because it is closed. I was just trying to figure out who in the heck it was.

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 07/24/2006 - 19:41

Htgt123 Htgt123

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I know of the company its been taking out money in my account i didnt authorize them to take

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